Print and Color Crown

Choose from three printable crown templates to make into a wearable paper crown.

Safety Tips

  • Kids 8 years and younger should use child-safe scissors.

Print and Color Crown craft


  • Printable card stock
  • Crayons, oil pastels,
    or poster paint
  • Scissors
  • Glue


Step 1 Print and Color Crown 1. Choose from any of these crown templates and print out on A4 or Letter size card stock:
Step 2 Print and Color Crown 2. Color or paint the crown, including the two long bands.
Step 3 Print and Color Crown 3. Cut out the template pieces.
Step 4 Print and Color Crown 4. Glue a template band on one edge of the crown. For smaller kids, the length of one band is enough for them to be able to wear the crown. Measure the crown around the head, if it fits, glue the end of the band on the opposite edge of the crown.
Step 5 Print and Color Crown 5. For bigger kids, glue one template band on the left edge of the crown and the other band on the right edge of the crown.
Step 6 Print and Color Crown 6. Measure the crown around your head. The bands would definitely be a lot longer than needed. Trim off the ends of the bands to achieve the right length for a perfect fit.
Step 7 Print and Color Crown 7. Glue the ends of the two bands together.
Step 8 Print and Color Crown 8. Wear your crown!

More Ideas

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