Latest Crafts

Enjoy our latest craft ideas and creations. But don't hesitate to check out all the crafts. Even the older ones are a blast to make!
Paper Flower Wreath craft
Paper Flower Wreath
Stitched Heart Envelope craft
Stitched Heart Envelope
Paper Heart Bookmark craft
Paper Heart Bookmark
Folding Paper Star craft
Folding Paper Star
3D Paper Star craft
3D Paper Star
Printable Christmas Tree Ornaments craft
Printable Christmas Tree Ornaments
Snowflake Window Clings craft
Snowflake Window Clings
Felt Christmas Tree craft
Felt Christmas Tree
Pipe Cleaner Snowflake craft
Pipe Cleaner Snowflake
Paper Cup Turkey craft
Paper Cup Turkey
Mayflower or Pirate Ship craft
Mayflower or Pirate Ship
Seed Mosaic Pumpkin craft
Seed Mosaic Pumpkin
Monster Trick-or-Treat Bag craft
Monster Trick-or-Treat Bag
Paper Cup Bat Basket craft
Paper Cup Bat Basket
Paper Plate Spider Web craft
Paper Plate Spider Web
Pompom Spider craft
Pompom Spider
Box Cat craft
Box Cat
Paper Cup Ghost craft
Paper Cup Ghost
Apple Print Pumpkins craft
Apple Print Pumpkins
Rainforest Habitat Diorama craft
Rainforest Habitat Diorama
African Savanna Habitat Diorama craft
African Savanna Habitat Diorama
Paper Plate Sailboat craft
Paper Plate Sailboat
Jar Lid Fishes craft
Jar Lid Fishes
Roman Imperial Helmet craft
Roman Imperial Helmet