Paper Hats

Make an easy paper hat by choosing a top and bottom hat template and decorating them into a unique wearable hat.


  • Choose 1 top template and 1 bottom template. Some possible combinations include:

    Cowboy or sheriff's hat - Top template 2 & Bottom template 4

    Short top hat - Top template 4 & Bottom template 1

    Tall top hat - Top template 5 & Bottom template 1 or 2

    Pilgrim's hat - Top template 3 & Bottom template 2

    Bowler or clown hat - Top template 1 & Bottom template 1

    Sombrero - Top template 3 & Bottom template 3

    Witch or wizard hat - Top template 6 & Bottom template 2

  • Download the templates by clicking the "Download" button below each image. You will need a PDF reader to view these files.
  • Print out on A4 or Letter size heavy card stock.
  • Cut out, assemble and decorate the hat following the instructions in our Easy Paper Hats craft.

These printables are for personal and non-commercial use only. Do not republish, upload, or alter the PDF files. To feature or share these printables, please provide a link to the webpage containing the PDF.

Terms of Use

Hat Top Template 1

Top template 1


Hat Top Template 2

Top template 2


Hat Top Template 3

Top template 3


Hat Top Template 4

Top template 4


Hat Top Template 5

Top template 5


Hat Top Template 6

Top template 6


Hat Bottom Template 1

Bottom template 1


Hat Bottom Template 2

Bottom template 2


Hat Bottom Template 3

Bottom template 3


Hat Bottom Template 4

Bottom template 4