Great Catch

Learn numbers through this fun and easy fishing craft.
Great Catch craft


  • Printable card stock
  • Scissors
  • Crayons or oil pastels
  • Watercolor or poster paint
  • Paint brushes or sponge brushes
  • String
  • Drinking straws or wooden dowel
  • Hole punch


Step 1 Great Catch 1. Draw fishes on white construction paper or print out any of these fish shapes templates on white card stock.

Make as many fishes as you want to catch in your fishing pole. Do not draw any details yet.
Step 2 Great Catch 2. Cut out the fishes.
Step 3 Great Catch 3. Punch a pair of holes on each fish - one on top and one at the bottom.
Step 4 Great Catch 4. Draw details on each fish using crayons or oil pastels. You can draw faces, fins and gills. Also draw a number on each fish's body, starting with number "1" on your first fish, "2" on your second fish, and so on until you've numbered all your fishes. Don't forget to draw and number on both sides of each fish.
Step 5 Great Catch 5. Paint both sides of each fish with water color or poster paint. It's important to water down your paint before painting on the fishes.

After you've painted all the fishes, set them aside to dry.
Step 6 Great Catch 6. Connect the fishes together with a string. Remember to arrange the fishes in the right numbered order, fish number "1" on top and fish number "5" (or depending on how many fishes you have) at the bottom.
Step 7 Great Catch 7. Use a longer piece of string on top of fish number "1".
Step 8 Great Catch 8. Use a wooden dowel as a fishing pole or connect 2 to 3 drinking straws end-to-end. Trim off the scrunchy portion of the straws, if they have any.
Step 9 Great Catch 9. Tie your string of fishes on one end of the fishing pole.
Step 10 Great Catch 10. You've just finished making your fishing pole. Look how many pretty fishes you caught. Add more fishes if you like!