Paper Dice

Make your own dice out of paper to use for games and for practicing children's early math skills.
Paper Dice craft


  • A4 or Letter size cardstock
  • Colored markers or small stickers
  • Scissors
  • White glue

Safety Tips

  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Paper Dice craft 1. Print out either of these cube templates on A4 or Letter size cardstock. Print 2 copies of Template 1 to make a pair of 2¼-inch dice or print 1 copy of Template 2 to create a pair of 1½-inch dice.
Step 2 Paper Dice craft 2. Cut out the templates.
Step 3 Paper Dice craft 3. Fold each cube template along the inside lines.
Step 4 Paper Dice craft 4. The die's 6 faces show a different number of dots from 1 to 6. You can draw dots or make other fun shapes like small flowers, stars, hearts, or smiley faces.

If you are keen on following a real die's positioning of these dots, follow the positions as shown in the photo. When assembled into a cube, you will notice that opposite faces of the die add up to 7.
Step 5 Paper Dice craft 5. Apply glue on one tab.
Step 6 Paper Dice craft 6. Glue the tab towards the adjacent face. Press the joined edges to glue the two faces well.
Step 7 Paper Dice craft 7. Glue the rest of the faces together along the tabs following Steps 5 and 6 to form a cube. Allow the glue to dry.
Step 8 Paper Dice craft 8. Make a pair of dice to use for games or simply use them to practice counting and basic addition.

More Ideas

Paper Dice with stickers Instead of drawing shapes on the dice, you can glue on small paper shapes or put small stickers on the faces of the dice.