Clothespin Farm Animals

Craft some cute clothespin farm animals, including a chicken, cow, dog, duck, goat, horse, pig, and sheep.
Clothespin Farm Animals craft


  • Printable card stock
  • Wooden clothespins
  • Crayons or colored pencils
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

To make a box corral:

  • Tissue box or similar-sized box
  • Strips of colored constuction paper
  • Flower sequins or foam flowers
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Stapler

Safety Tips

  • Keep the stapler out of children's reach.
  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Clothespin Farm Animals 1. Print out any or all of these clothespin farm animals on white card stock. Notice how the animals come in mirror-image pairs.
Step 2 Clothespin Farm Animals 2. Color and cut out the animals.
Step 3 Clothespin Farm Animals 3. Glue the animal pairs back-to-back.
Step 4 Clothespin Farm Animals 4. Clip on wooden clothespins to make the animal's legs: one clothespin for two-legged animals and two for four-legged animals.

If you want to build a box corral for your farm animals, continue with the steps below.
Step 5 Clothespin Farm Animals Ask for an adult's help.5. Trim off the top panel off a tissue box or any box that can accomodate your clothespin farm animals. Staple the side flaps if necessary.
Step 6 Clothespin Farm Animals 6. Paint the outside of the box with any dark-colored acrylic paint.
Step 7 Clothespin Farm Animals 7. Cut strips from construction paper. You'll need about 14 or more of these to build a fence around your box.
Step 8 Clothespin Farm Animals 8. Glue the paper strips around the box.
Step 9 Clothespin Farm Animals 9. Use colored tape or glue on a very long strip of paper around the entire middle section of the box to complete your fence.
Step 10 Clothespin Farm Animals 10. You may further decorate your box corral if you like. I cut green paper with a pair of zigzag-edged scissors to make some grass and glued these around the bottom edge of my box.
Step 11 Clothespin Farm Animals 11. I added some flowers that I punched out using a flower hole punch. You can also use ready-made flower stickers, sequins or craft foam shapes.
Step 12 Clothespin Farm Animals 12. After playing with your cute clothespin farm animals, you can keep them inside their pretty box corral.

More Ideas

Clothespin cow and pig Add texture by gluing on materials like wiggle eyes for the animal's eyes and some yarn, feathers, or cotton for the animal's hair or fur.
Clothespin horse Give your clothespin animals more character with some little details. Make a yarn collar or paper bandana around the dog's neck, a small paper hat for the pig, and a paper saddle for the horse. You can even draw and cut out a paper cowboy to ride on your clothespin horse.
Clothespin duck and chicken Try clipping the clothespin legs at an angle to vary the animal's poses. The clothespin was clipped horizontally at the back of this chicken to allow it to sit on its nest. Check out the dog below—its clothespin legs were positioned at an angle to give it a playful pose.
Clothespin dog and sheep Paint the wooden clothespins so that the animal's legs blend in with the body.