3D Goldfish Bowl

Make a craft foam gold fish and create a paper plate fish bowl home for it.
3D Goldfish Bowl craft


  • Large paper plate
  • Craft foam
  • Wiggle eye or craft foam
  • Crepe paper
  • Poster paint
  • Paint brush or roller brush
  • Sand or small aquarium pebbles
  • Cotton
  • White glue or tacky glue
  • Glue gun
  • Stapler (optional)

Safety Tips

  • Keep the stapler and glue gun out of young children's reach.
  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 3D Goldfish Bowl craft 1. Turn a paper plate into a fish bowl by painting it blue. You can paint on some waves too.
Step 2 3D Goldfish Bowl craft Ask for an adult's help.2. Draw and cut out a pair of almost-identical goldfish shapes out of craft foam. The difference between the two is that one has fins and the other one doesn't.

Apply white glue all around the edges of the finned goldfish, except along the base of its top fin. You may also use hot glue gun for a quicker drying time.
Step 3 3D Goldfish Bowl craft 3. Place the other goldfish body on top, aligning the two pieces along the edges. Let the glue dry completely.
Step 4 3D Goldfish Bowl craft 4. Once the glue has dried, stuff cotton inside the goldfish through the opening along the top fin. Do not overstuff to avoid the seams from bursting open.
Step 5 3D Goldfish Bowl craft Ask for an adult's help.5. Seal the slit with a glue gun or stapler.
Step 6 3D Goldfish Bowl craft 6. Glue a wiggle eye on one side of the fish. Other materials you can use for the eyes are beads, buttons or craft foam.
Step 7 3D Goldfish Bowl craft 7. Finger paint some scales or other designs on the fish's body. After painting, set the goldfish aside to dry.
Step 8 3D Goldfish Bowl craft 8. Apply a liberal amount of white glue or tacky glue at the bottom of the paper plate fish bowl. Put sand or small aquarium pebbles on the glue.
Step 9 3D Goldfish Bowl craft 9. Cut green and purple crepe paper into strips. Glue them onto the fish bowl to make aquatic plants.
Step 10 3D Goldfish Bowl craft 10. Finally, glue the goldfish at the center of the paper plate fish bowl.