Printable Animal Masks

Print, color, cut out, and wear these easy paper bear, bunny, cat, dog, fox, goat, lion, monkey, mouse, owl, panda, and tiger masks.
Animal Masks craft


  • A4 or Letter size card stock
  • Crayons, paint, or any coloring material
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Elastic string
  • Scotch tape
  • Craft stick (optional)

Safety Tips

  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Printable Animal Mask craft 1.

Pick the animal mask.

Print out any of these masks on A4 or Letter size card stock: *You can print out the mask on regular copy paper, but you will need to glue the mask onto cardboard to make it stiffer.
Step 2 Printable Animal Mask craft 2.

Color or paint the animal.

Use your favorite coloring material. If you chose to print out a colored animal mask, skip this step.
Step 3 Printable Animal Mask craft Ask for an adult's help.3.

Cut out the mask.

Ask an adult to help you cut out the eye holes.
Step 5 Printable Animal Mask craft 4.

Strengthen the holes for the string.

Notice the pair of little circles on each side of the mask? These are the spots where you need to punch holes for attaching the string. Paper masks normally tear around these holes after a few uses. To reinforce these spots, put scotch tape over the marked holes and fold the tape towards the back of the mask.
Step 5 Printable Animal Mask craft 5.

Punch the holes.

Punch holes on the pair of marked circles and tie the ends of an elastic string on each hole.
Step 6 Printable Animal Mask craft 6.

Try on your animal mask.

It should fit snugly but not too tight. Adjust the length of the string if necessary.
Monkey mask *If you are not comfortable wearing the mask directly on your face, you can create a handle and hold the mask in front of your face instead. Glue or tape a craft stick, an unsharpened pencil, or a wooden dowel at the back of the mask.

More Ideas

To date, we have printable masks for twelve animals. Check them all out below plus some variations and crafting ideas that you can try.

Bear masks

Bear Masks

Printable bear masks

Make a family of bears with our three printable bear masks. Color them brown to make brown bears, white to make polar bears, or black to come up with black bears.

These masks are great to use during story time or role playing. Add character to the masks by decorating them with paper or fabric hats, bows, spectacles, mustaches, or other fun accents. Check out some more of our printables:
Bunny mask craft

Bunny Masks

Printable bunny masks

Rabbit masks are perfect for Easter or spring. Choose from our pastel-colored bunny masks or go with the plain one if you wish to color it yourself. Another way you can come up with a colored bunny mask is to print out the plain bunny template on colored card stock.

Add texture to your mask by gluing materials such as felt or fabric for the ears, a pompom nose, and some cotton for a fluffy snout.
Cat masks

Cat Masks

Printable cat masks

We have three adorable cat masks that you can choose from. Besides these three, you can check out the cat woman mask from our superhero mask templates.

Color the masks with one plain color or make some fur patterns with colored stripes or patches of color. Add some fun details like lashes, eye brows, or a tongue.
Dog masks

Dog Masks

Printable dog masks

Choose from any of these three cute puppy masks. Color them after your favorite dog breed (e.g. golden brown for golden retrievers, black and white for border collie, etc.) or color it as you please. Add some fun details like a patch around the eye, some whiskers, or a hat or bow on top of the head.
Fox mask

Fox Mask

Printable fox masks

Red foxes are pretty popular but you can also color the mask gray to make a silver or gray fox, light brown for a swift fox, or white to make an arctic fox. Wear the mask as a cool disguise or use it for role playing stories such as the Little Prince or Aesop's The Fox and the Grapes.
Goat mask

Goat Mask

Printable goat masks

This goat mask comes in three colors—perfect for role playing The Three Billy Goats Gruff or other farm-themed stories.
Lion mask

Lion Mask

Printable lion masks

Wear this mask as the King of the Jungle! This mask is terrific for jungle, zoo, safari, or circus-themed parties, lessons, and activities.
Monkey mask

Monkey Mask

Printable monkey masks

Just like the lion mask, the monkey mask is great for jungle, zoo, or circus-themed parties, lessons, and activities.
Mouse masks

Mouse Mask

Printable mouse masks

Color and wear our mouse mask to go with your favorite mouse story. For those who need a colored mouse mask, we have them in three colors: light gray, dark gray and brown.
Owl mask

Owl Mask

Printable owl masks

This owl half-mask is a pretty neat disguise. You can make it fancier by gluing on feathers and sequins.
Panda bear mask

Panda Mask

Printable panda bear masks

Everyone loves this cuddly gentle giant from China. Wear the mask whenever you want to dress up as your favorite panda character.
Tiger mask

Tiger Mask

Printable tiger masks

Dress up as the biggest cat in the world. Color your tiger mask with the traditional orange with black stripes or perhaps go with the rare white tiger (with black stripes).