Butterfly Mobile

String together some colorful coffee filter butterflies to create a lovely butterfly mobile.
Butterfly Mobile craft


Safety Tips

  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Butterfly Mobile craft 1. Make some coffee filter butterflies or cupcake liner butterflies. I plan to have three strands on my mobile, each strand having three butterflies. You can make longer strands with more butterflies or even add a couple more strands on your mobile.
Step 2 Butterfly Mobile craft 2. For the mobile's top, glue together a pair of wooden dowels. You can use white glue or a hot glue gun to do this. Paint the dowels if you like.

Another option for joining the two dowels is to wrap them together with colored tape, washi tape, or fabric ribbon.
Step 3 Butterfly Mobile craft 3. Cut a long piece of string or yarn for each strand on your mobile. All my three strings are about 30 inches long.
Step 4 Butterfly Mobile craft 4. Take one string and make a large knot on one end. String two beads and move them along until they touch the knot. These beads provide the weight that will stabilize each strand.
Step 5 Butterfly Mobile craft 5. Place one butterfly along the string a few inches above the top bead. Make a knot around the bottom of the butterfly's pipe cleaner body. You can click the photo for a closer view.
Step 6 Butterfly Mobile craft 6. Make another knot near the base of the butterfly's antennae.
Step 7 Butterfly Mobile craft 7. Position another butterfly several inches above the first one. Make a pair of knots along the butterfly's pipe cleaner body as shown in Steps 5 and 6.
Step 8 Butterfly Mobile craft 8. Place the third butterfly above the second. The distance between the second and third butterflies should roughly be the same as that between the first and second butterflies.

Secure the third butterfly in place with knots as illustrated in Steps 5 and 6. This completes your mobile's first strand.
Step 9 Butterfly Mobile craft 9. Work on your mobile's second and third strands following the previous steps (Steps 4 to 8). Try to space the butterflies along the string as evenly as you can.
Step 10 Butterfly Mobile craft 10. Assemble the mobile by tying the top of each string onto the dowel, making sure that the strands are evenly spaced. Try not to tie the strings too tightly. It is better if the strands can still be moved along the dowel.
Step 11 Butterfly Mobile craft 11. Tie a length of string around the middle of the dowel to make a handle.
Step 12 Butterfly Mobile craft 12. If you're mobile is not balanced, move the tops of the outer strands slightly along the dowel. Do this until the dowel is in a completely level position.