Clothespin Dragonfly

Decorate a clothespin into a colorful dragonfly. Use it to hold drawings and artwork, or clip it on anywhere for fun.
Clothespin Dragonfly craft


  • Wooden clothespin
  • Colored paper or clear transparency film
  • Poster paint or acrylic paint
  • Wiggle eyes
  • White glue
  • Scissors
  • Black permanent marker (optional)

Safety Tips

  • Small craft materials such as wiggle eyes and buttons are choking hazards. These are not suitable for children below the age of three.


Step 1 Clothespin Dragonfly craft 1. Paint a wooden clothespin to make the dragonfly's body. You can paint it with a single color or make a multi-colored dragonfly.
Step 2a Clothespin Dragonfly craft 2. We've made two options for the wings:

a.) See-through wings - Draw two pairs of wings on transparency film (or any plastic sheet) using a permanent marker. Draw lines that branch out from the center of the wings.
Step 2b Clothespin Dragonfly craft   b.) Paper wings - Paper wings would work just as well. You can easily make them by folding a piece of colored paper in the middle. Draw one top and one bottom wing along the folded edge of the paper.
Step 3 Clothespin Dragonfly craft 3. Cut out the wings.
Step 4 Clothespin Dragonfly craft 4. You can leave the see-through wings unpainted if you wish to make clear dragonfly wings. However, you can add a tinge of color by painting it with a colored glue mixture. Place a small amount of clear liquid glue or white glue on your palette. Add a drop of food coloring and a drop of liquid dishwash soap into the mixture. Stir well before using the mixture to paint the wings. Set aside to dry.
Step 5 Clothespin Dragonfly craft 5. If you've opted for paper wings, you can decorate them by drawing colorful lines and patterns on them. You can also glue on small paper shapes as shown in this photo.
Step 6 Clothespin Dragonfly craft 6. Pinch open the clothespin and glue the middle section of the wings onto the top prong's inner surface.

*Clip the clothespin onto something while waiting for the glue to dry. This will prevent the clothespin from being accidentally glued shut.
Step 7 Clothespin Dragonfly craft 7. Finally, glue on a pair of wiggle eyes.
Step 8 Clothespin Dragonfly craft 8. Once the glue dries, you can have some bug-filled adventures with your colorful critters. Clip them onto twigs, leaves, curtains or anywhere else you please.
Step 9 Clothespin Dragonfly craft 9. You can even use it to display your drawings and artwork!

More Ideas

Clothespin dragonyfly with paper wings craft Instead of painting the clothespin, you can decorate the dragonfly body by gluing pieces of colored paper or fabric, buttons and beads.