Fuzzy Paper Plate Bear

Decorate a paper plate into a fuzzy polar bear, panda bear, brown bear, or black bear.
Animal train craft


  • Large paper plate (8.5 to 10 inches)
  • Small paper bowl (7 to 8 oz.) or empty fruit cup
  • Construction paper or cardstock
  • Cotton or paper towels
  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Yarn
  • Large pompom, craft foam, felt, or paper
  • Tempera or acrylic paint
  • Paint brush

Safety Tips

  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Fuzzy Paper Plate Bear craft 1.

Prepare a paper plate and a bowl

Use a large paper plate for the bear's head and either a small paper bowl (7 to 8 oz.) or an empty fruit cup for the bear's snout.
Step 2 Fuzzy Paper Plate Bear craft 2.

Paint the snout

Think about the color of your bear's snout. Polar bears and pandas have white snouts so you need not paint your paper bowl. If using a transparent fruit cup, paint the outside of the cup with white acrylic paint.

Brown and black bears have colored snouts. Paint your paper bowl with light brown tempera or acrylic paint; use acrylic paint for the fruit cup. Allow the paint to dry completely.
Step 3 Fuzzy Paper Plate Bear craft 3.

Cut and glue on a pair of ears

Cut out a pair of round ears from cardstock or construction paper. Choose a color that would correspond to the inside of the bear's ears. For this polar bear, I chose a pair of pink ears. For my other bears, I used black for the panda bear and brown for both the black and brown bear.

Position the paper plate right side up and glue on the pair of ears at the top edge of the plate.
Step 4 Fuzzy Paper Plate Bear craft 4.

Cut and glue on a pair of oval eye patches (for panda)

An addditional step is needed for making a panda bear. Cut out a pair of oval shapes from black paper. Flip the paper plate over so that the plate's bottom side is facing up and the ears are glued at the back. Glue the pair of oval shapes on the top half of the plate.
Step 5a Fuzzy Paper Plate Bear craft 5.

Glue on the snout

With the plate's bottom side facing up, glue on the snout close to the plate's bottom edge.
Step 5b Fuzzy Paper Plate Bear craft For the panda bear, the snout should partially cover the lower part of the oval eye patches.
Step 6a Fuzzy Paper Plate Bear craft 6.

Cover the entire face with fuzz

For the polar bear and panda, glue on cotton onto the entire paper plate, except on the snout and on the panda's eye patches.
Step 6b Fuzzy Paper Plate Bear craft The polar bear also needs more cotton along the edges of its ears.
Step 6b Fuzzy Paper Plate Bear craft Instead of cotton, use paper towels or bathroom tissue for the brown and black bear. Tissue absorbs paint better than cotton, thereby making it possible to create colored "fur". Tear paper towels or tissue into strips and glue them onto the bear's face, including around the ears. Do not glue on any tissue onto the bear's snout.
Step 7a Fuzzy Paper Plate Bear craft 7.

Paint the fur

To make a brown or black bear, paint the tissue with watered down tempera or acrylic paint.

*If you are concerned about messing up the paint on the snout, you can glue on the snout after painting the fur.
Step 7b Fuzzy Paper Plate Bear craft Allow the paint to dry. The result is not as fuzzy as the cotton on the polar bear and panda, but it gives the bear a nice textured fur.
Step 8 Fuzzy Paper Plate Bear craft 8.

Glue on eyes, a nose, and a mouth

Glue on a pair of wiggle eyes, a large pompom nose, and a short length of yarn for the mouth.
Fuzzy Paper Plate Panda Bear If you don't have a large pompom, you can simply cut an oval out of felt, craft foam, or paper to make the nose.
Fuzzy Paper Plate Black Bear The way you position the yarn mouth can give your bear an interesting and expressive face.

More Ideas

Paper plate bear mask Ask for an adult's help. To wear the paper plate bear as a mask, simply cut a pair of holes on the plate before doing Step 3. Make a handle by gluing a wooden dowel at the back of the paper plate. If you don't have a dowel, you can glue or tape two craft sticks end-to-end like I did so that it makes a long handle.
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