Jar Lid Fishes

Decorate jar lids into colorful fishes. Use them as shakers or noise makers, attach strings to make a mobile, or turn them into cute fridge magnets.
Jar Lid Fishes craft


  • Jar lids (metal or plastic)
  • Construction paper
  • White glue
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Pencil
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Masking tape or scotch (cello) tape
  • Small coins, small round bells, beans,
    grains, or rice (optional)
  • Small magnet (optional)

Safety Tips

  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Jar Lid Fishes craft 1. Collect and clean several metal or plastic jar lids.
Step 2 Jar Lid Fishes craft 2. Take one jar lid. Create the fish's round body by tracing around the lid onto construction paper. Using paper with the same color as the lid is good, but not necessary.
Step 3 Jar Lid Fishes craft 3. Cut out the circle. The rest of the fish parts can be made from simple geometric shapes.

Create the top and bottom fins (the orange ones on top) by cutting paper into a pair of right triangles. Make a tail (the pink one at the bottom) by cutting out an isosceles triangle, which has two equal sides. Cut out a smaller isosceles triangle to make the side fin. Lastly, cut out a small heart for the mouth.
Step 4 Jar Lid Fishes craft 4. Decorate the fish's body any way you like:
  • Draw with crayons, markers, oil pastels, or colored pencils
  • Paint with a brush or your finger
  • Add sparkly lines and dots with glitter glue, or raised lines with puffy paint
  • Cut out or punch out shapes and glue them on
  • Decorate with small stickers
Step 5 Jar Lid Fishes craft 5. You can also draw colorful lines on the fins and tail.
Step 6 Jar Lid Fishes craft 6. Once all the paint and glue on the fish's body has dried, flip the circle over so that the decorated side is facing down. Glue on the fins, tail, and mouth with their decorated sides facing down as well.
Step 7 Jar Lid Fishes craft 7. Flip the fish over so that the decorated side is facing up. Glue on a wiggle eye and small side fin.

No wiggle eye? You can draw the eye or use paper.
Step 8 Jar Lid Fishes craft 8. If you want to be able to hang your fish, tape a string inside the jar lid.
Step 9 Jar Lid Fishes craft 9. To turn your jar lid fish into a shaker or noise maker, place some coins, little bells, beans, or rice grains.
Step 10 Jar Lid Fishes craft 10. To close up your fish, apply white glue around the lid's edges. Glue your paper fish onto the mouth of the lid. If you have a string on, align it to the top fin. Press on the edges to fix the fish in place.
Step 11 Jar Lid Fishes craft 11. If you like, you can decorate the jar lid side. If the lid's color does not match the paper fish, you can cut out another circle and glue it onto the lid before decorating.
Step 12 Jar Lid Fishes craft 12. Make a couple more jar lid fishes to create a colorful school of sea creatures. Hang them on the porch, window sill, or anywhere they can rotate and "swim" freely. You can also tie the strings onto a branch, a dowel, or even a hanger to create a mobile.

More Ideas

Jar lid fish shaker

Fish shaker or noise maker

If you placed coins, bells, or beans inside the lid (Step 9), the fish can be used as a shaker or noise maker. No need to attach a string (Step 8).
Framed Jar Lid Fishes craft Glue a craft stick onto the back part of your jar lid fish. This simple handle lets you shake the fish like a rattle.

Notice that the fins and tails on the clownfish and the blue fish above are not triangles. Use various shapes to make your fishes distinct.
Framed Jar Lid Fishes craft With a slight nudge, even mobiles can produce noise. To make these sounds even more interesting, place a different type of object (coins, beans, rice, etc.) inside each fish.
Fishing rod

Fishing game

Create a fishing rod by tying a string to a wooden dowel or an unsharpened pencil. Tape the other end of the string onto a small magnet.
Fishing game To start fishing, place the fishes bottom side up and reel them in with your magnetic bait. Remember this game will only work if you use jar lids made from metal.
Jar lid fish fridge magnet craft Ask for an adult's help.

Fridge magnets

Attach a small magnet to the back of each fish using a hot glue gun.
Jar lid fishes The cuter your fishes, the cuter the fridge magnets.