Paper Cone Turkey

Make this cute cone-shaped turkey for Thanksgiving. Printable templates are included to make this craft super easy.
Paper Cone Turkey craft


  • Brown card stock or construction paper
  • Red, yellow, orange and green paper
  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Red, yellow, orange and green feathers (optional)


Step 1 Paper Cone Turkey craft 1. Draw a circle on a sheet of brown card stock or construction paper. Use a plate or similar object as a guide for drawing your circle.
Step 2 Paper Cone Turkey craft 2. Cut out the circle.
Step 3 Paper Cone Turkey craft 3. Cut the circle in half.
Step 4 Paper Cone Turkey craft 4. Take one half-circle. Mark the midpoint of its straight edge by folding in half and creasing the paper at the base of the fold.
Step 5 Paper Cone Turkey craft 5. Unfold. Apply glue along half of the paper's straight edge.
Step 6 Paper Cone Turkey craft 6. Bring the end without glue down towards the half-circle's curved edge. Mine is about a third of the way from the opposite end.
Step 7 Paper Cone Turkey craft 7. Bring the edge with glue down towards the curved edge as well. Press along the seams to glue in place. Allow the glue to dry.
Step 8 Paper Cone Turkey craft 8. Now that that you already made a cone, you can start decorating it into a turkey. First, glue a pair of eyes. You can use a pair of wiggle eyes or cut out paper ones from construction paper scraps.
Step 9 Paper Cone Turkey craft 9. The beak can easily be made by cutting a small orange paper triangle. However, for a more three-dimenisonal beak, follow these easy steps:
  • Cut out a small orange paper rectangle.
  • Fold in half.
  • With the folded side at the bottom, cut a triangle shape.
  • Open the triangle.
Step 10 Paper Cone Turkey craft 10. Glue the beak onto the cone turkey.
Step 11 Paper Cone Turkey craft 11. Cut out a tear drop shape out of red paper and glue it beneath the beak.
Step 12a Paper Cone Turkey craft 12. Create the turkey's tail out of real feathers or paper. For feathers, use 5 or more red, yellow, orange, and green feathers. Bunch them together and tape them at the base.
Step 12b Paper Cone Turkey craft   Create paper tail feathers by cutting out 6 or more long oval shapes out of red, yellow, orange, and green paper. Position them in a fan-like arrangement, gluing them together at the bottom.

*If you need a template for making the paper feathers, print out this feather template. For smaller tail feathers, use this Paper Cone Turkey tempate and cut out the oval-shaped feathers.
Step 13 Paper Cone Turkey craft 13. Glue or tape the tail feathers at the back of your paper cone turkey.

More Ideas

Paper cone turkey Instead of making the paper cone out of a half-circle, you can also just use this cone template. Print it out, cut out the cone template and glue the edges together at the tab. If printed out on A4 or Letter size card stock, the cone will approximately be 7 inches tall.
Paper cone turkey This Paper Cone Turkey template actually works for a cone turkey too. Print out the template (I chose the colored template for this craft). Cut out the pieces and glue them on the cone:
  • Head - glue the circle at the tip of the cone to create the turkey's head. Glue the eyes and beak on the head.
  • Wings - glue the pair of wings below the head.
  • Feet - glue the pair of feet at the bottom of the cone.
  • Tail - arrange the tail feathers like a fan and glue them together at the base (Same as Step 12 above). Glue the tail at the back of the cone.