Paper Cup Turkey

Perfect for Thanksgiving, this paper cup turkey is so easy and fun to make. Write down all the things you're thankful for on the turkey's tail feathers or place your "Thank You" notes inside the paper cup.
Paper Cup Turkey craft


  • Small paper cup
  • Brown acrylic paint or tempera paint
  • Green, red, orange, and yellow paper
  • Wiggle eyes
  • White glue
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush
  • Markers or colored pencils


Step 1 Paper Cup Turkey craft 1. Paint the outside of a small paper cup with brown acrylic or tempera paint. Acrylic paint is best for painting waxy or glossy paper cups.
Step 2 Paper Cup Turkey craft 2. Draw and cut out a round head and a pair of wings from brown construction paper. Cut out a pair of feet from orange construction paper.

*You may print out this turkey template that already includes all turkey parts.
Step 3 Paper Cup Turkey craft 3. Glue on a pair of wiggle eyes on the head. Cut two small triangles from orange paper or craft foam. Glue them below the eyes to create a beak.
Step 4 Paper Cup Turkey craft 4. Once the painted paper cup is dry, position it upside-down. Glue the head near the top.
Step 5 Paper Cup Turkey craft 5. Glue the wings onto the sides of the paper cup.
Step 6 Paper Cup Turkey craft 6. Glue the pair of feet along the cup's rim, making sure they are aligned with the turkey's head.
Step 7 Paper Cup Turkey craft 7. Cut out 5-7 long ovals from red, green, orange, and yellow paper to make the turkey's tail feathers.
Step 8 Paper Cup Turkey craft 8. On each tail feather, write something that you are thankful for in your life. Start writing on the right half of each feather so that the words would still be visible even after the feathers are arranged and glued on as the turkey's tail.
Step 9 Paper Cup Turkey craft 9. Assemble the tail by positioning the feathers in a fan-like arrangement. Glue them together at the bottom.
Step 10 Paper Cup Turkey craft 10. Finally, glue the tail at the back of the turkey.

More Ideas

Paper cup turkey Position the paper cup right side up in Step 4 so that your turkey can be filled with Thanksgiving goodies. Instead of writing on the tail feathers, "Thank You" notes or even drawings can be placed inside the cup.
Paper cup turkey Attach a handle to turn your paper cup turkey into a mini basket. Punch a pair of holes close to the cup's mouth—one above each wing. Secure the end of a pipe cleaner or a length of ribbon on each hole to create the handle.