Bubble Wrap Prints

Use bubble wrap to create interesting and colorful prints on paper.
Bubble Wrap Prints craft


  • Bubble wrap
  • Scissors
  • Poster paint
  • Paint brushes or roller brushes
  • Sketch paper

Safety Tips

  • Bubble wrap should be used with adult supervision. Unsupervised play among young children may cause suffocation.


Step 1 Bubble Wrap Prints 1. Cut bubble wrap sheet into approximately the same size as sketch paper.
Step 2 Bubble Wrap Prints 2. Cover your work area with a mat or with newspapers. Put the bubble wrap at the center, bubbly side-up.
Step 3 Bubble Wrap Prints 3. Paint on your bubble wrap sheet. As you paint, you will discover how the colors meet to make new colors: red and blue makes purple; yellow and blue makes green; and yellow and red makes orange. Too many colors mixed together make a brownish or grayish color.
Step 4 Bubble Wrap Prints 4. Roller brushes or sponge brushes are a fun and easy way of painting on bubble wrap.
Step 5 Bubble Wrap Prints 5. Place the sketch paper on top of the painted bubble wrap. Press firmly down with your hands to transfer the print from the bubble wrap to the paper.
Step 6 Bubble Wrap Prints 6. Remove the sketch paper from the bubble wrap and uncover the colorful bubble prints you've created.

More Ideas

Bubble Wrap Prints Collage Another way of doing this activity would be to cut the bubble wrap into smaller pieces and print colors collage-style.
Make a bubble wrap printed background Bubble wrap prints would make a nice background for your next art project.