Crayon Resist Lines

Draw invisible images on white paper with white wax crayon and reveal the images after painting over them.
Crayon Resist Lines craft


  • Sketch paper
  • Crayons or white wax candle
  • Water color or poster paint
  • Paint brush


Step 1 Crayon Resist Lines 1. Draw lines or images on sketch paper with white crayon or white wax candle. Try to make heavy strokes as you draw.
Step 2 Crayon Resist Lines 2. Prepare different colors of watered down tempera, watercolor, or poster paint.
Step 3 Crayon Resist Lines 3. Paint over the sketch paper. Wow! Look what appears as you start painting.
Step 4 Crayon Resist Lines 4. Continue painting to reveal your entire crayon resist picture.

More Ideas

Crayon Resist Lines - Painting with multiple colors   Instead of using one color, use multiple colors of paint to create a very interesting effect.
Crayon resist numbers   You can also draw numbers and make them magically appear after painting.
Crayon resist letters   Create crayon resist letters to practice the alphabet.

Draw and paint and create your own amazing crayon resist pictures!