Line Puzzles

Learn all about lines and how they can be combined into shapes and interesting images with this line puzzles craft.
Line Puzzles craft


  • Craft foam
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue (optional)


Step 1 Line Puzzles 1. Cut out different kinds of lines from craft foam or construction paper. Make some straight, curved, wavy or zigzag ones.
Step 2 Line Puzzles 2. Show your child how to put the line pieces together to come up with shapes and images. Straight lines can make geometric shapes like a triangle, square, rectangle, diamond and star.
Step 3 Line Puzzles 3. Curved lines can make a circle, an oval, or even a rainbow.
Step 4 Line Puzzles 4. Combine the different kinds of lines and come up with other shapes or images such as a heart, house or sun.
Step 5 Line Puzzles 5. Use your imagination and create lots of interesting things. Remember everything around us can be depicted by lines.
Step 6 Line Puzzles 6. You can even make a simple picture or landscape. I've combined the lines to create a picture of a home, which includes a house, a car, a tree and clouds.
Step 6 Line Puzzles 7. Here's a sailboat with a seascape background.
Step 7 Line Puzzles 8. Glue the pieces on paper to create a framed composition or keep the line pieces for later use.