Marble Painting

Mix play and art by using marbles to paint unique abstract prints.
Marble Painting


  • Shaking container: Canister (Pringles, ice cream tub) or box with cover (gift box or small shoe box)
  • Sketch paper
  • Marbles or ping pong balls
  • Poster paint
  • Paint containers (palette or small bowls)
  • Plastic spoons

Safety Tips

  • Marbles can be choking hazards. Ping pong balls can be used as a safer alternative for children below the age of four.


Step 1 Marble Painting 1. Cut sketch paper to fit inside the bottom of your box. If you are using canisters, cut paper and roll it inside the canister.
Step 2 Marble Painting 2. Add some water to poster paint, making sure the paints don't get too watered down.
Step 3 Marble Painting 3. Dip 2 to 3 marbles (or ping pong balls) in one color. Use a spoon to move each marble or ping pong ball around the paint. The balls should be thoroughly coated with paint.
Step 4 Marble Painting 4. Scoop out the marbles and drop them into the canister or box.
Step 5 Marble Painting 5. Cover the canister or box and start shaking.
Step 6 Marble Painting 6. Remove the cover and take out the marbles.
Step 7 Marble Painting 7. Repeat this process (Steps 3 to 6) using one color at a time.
Step 8 Marble Painting 8. When you're finished, check out your artwork. The marbles made spectacular abstract prints on paper!

More Ideas

Snowy day collage craft You may further cut out the marble-painted sheets into pieces and assemble them into an interesting paper collage. You can do an abstract collage or a picture composition like we did in this snowy day collage. We marble-painted various colored sheets of paper with white paint and then cut the painted sheets into shapes to make a winter-themed collage.