Paper Plate Fish Bowl

Paint a paper plate into a fish bowl and glue on some colorful paper fishes. In this art activity, lines and color shades will also be introduced.
Paper Plate Fish Bowl craft


  • Paper plate
  • Sketch paper
  • Colored pencils or markers
  • Poster paint or water color paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Safety Tips

  • Kids 8 years and younger should use child-safe scissors.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after finger painting.


Step 1 Paper Plate Fish Bowl 1. Position a paper plate with the bottom side up. Turn it into a fish bowl by drawing a wavy line to mark the water level.
Step 2 Paper Plate Fish Bowl 2. Let's learn some basics of creating color shades. Put some blue, black and white paint on your palette. Make sure you've got a lot of the blue paint.
Step 3 Paper Plate Fish Bowl 3. Transfer some of the blue paint onto one of your empty palette sections. Add a little black to it.
Step 4 Paper Plate Fish Bowl 4. Put several drops of water and mix. You've just created dark blue. If you add a little black to any color, you come up with a darker shade of that color. The more you add black, the darker the shade becomes.
Step 5 Paper Plate Fish Bowl 5. Now let's make a light shade of blue. Again, transfer some of your blue paint into an empty section in your palette. Add some white paint to it.
Step 6 Paper Plate Fish Bowl 6. Add a bit of water and mix. This time you've created light blue. And of course, the more white paint you add, the lighter the shade becomes.
Step 7 Paper Plate Fish Bowl 7. It's time to paint! Paint the area above the water mark with the light blue color.
Step 8 Paper Plate Fish Bowl 8. Paint the area below the water mark with the blue paint.
Step 9 Paper Plate Fish Bowl 9. Make some wavy lines with the dark blue paint. After you're done, set the paper plate aside to dry.
Step 10 Paper Plate Fish Bowl 10. Draw 3 to 4 fish shapes or print out any of these fish shapes sets. Cut out the fishes.
Step 11 Paper Plate Fish Bowl 11. Paint or draw details on the fishes. You can make all sorts of lines and patterns or you can go with mostly solid colors.
Step 12 Paper Plate Fish Bowl 12. Glue the fishes onto the paper plate fish bowl.
Step 13 Paper Plate Fish Bowl 13. You can finger paint some bubbles if you like!