Paper Weaving

Incorporate the basics of color schemes and color families as you make this lovely paper weaving craft.
Paper Weaving craft


  • Construction paper or any colored paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Craft scissors (optional)
  • Glitter glue, puffy paint, stickers, beads or other decorative materials

Safety Tips

  • Small craft materials such as beads and sequins are choking hazards. These are not suitable for children below the age of three.


Step 1 Paper Weaving 1. Cut a piece of construction paper or any colored paper into a square.
Step 2 Paper Weaving 2. Fold the square in half.
Step 3 Paper Weaving 3. Cut evenly-spaced slits starting from the folded edge and continuing up to about a half inch from the opposite edge. It may be helpful to draw vertical lines to use as guides while you cut.
Step 4 Paper Weaving 4. Open up the paper.
Step 5 Paper Weaving 5. Cut colored paper strips. The strips should be longer than the length of your square's side.
Step 6 Paper Weaving 6. Take one paper strip and weave it horizontally across the slits, going over and under the slits.
Step 7 Paper Weaving 7. Push the woven strip to the top and start with another one. The second strip should be woven in an opposite pattern as the first. If your first paper strip goes over and under across the slits, the second strip should go under and over the slits.
Step 8 Paper Weaving 8. Weave more paper strips in an alternating pattern until your paper weave is full.
Step 9 Paper Weaving 9. Flip the whole square weave. Apply glue at the ends of each paper strip.
Step 10 Paper Weaving 10. Fold the excess length of each strip inwards and press to glue them in place.
Step 11 Paper Weaving 11. Flip the square weave again so that the folded ends are concealed at the bottom.
Step 12 Paper Weaving 12. Cut a larger piece of construction paper or craft foam to frame your paper weave. You can use a pair of craft scissors to create a more interesting border.
Step 13 Paper Weaving 13. Glue your paper weave on top of the frame. Decorate the frame with any or a combination of these materials: glitter glue, puffy paint, sequins, beads, small craft foam shapes, stickers, buttons or other decorative materials.

More Ideas

Step 15 Paper Weaving This paper weave project can be done in certain color combinations to introduce color basics such as primary colors, secondary colors, monochromatic colors, or rainbow colors. Our demonstration is a primary color combination (red, yellow and blue).
Paper Weaving-Primary Colors Here's a monochromatic paper weave using different shades of pink.
African-Themed Paper Weave craft This African-themed paper weave uses earth tones. Puffy paint (also called 3-D paint) was used to decorate the border with African-themed symbols and patterns.

Use other color combinations to make woven art from other cultures (e.g. red/yellow/green for a Cinco de Mayo or Mexican-inspired weave).