Toothbrush Painting

Use a toothbrush to paint a spray of colors around shape cut-outs.
Toothbrush Painting craft


  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Kitchen strainer or plastic basket
  • Toothbrushes
  • Poster paint or water color paint
  • Masking tape
  • Spoon


Step 1 Toothbrush Painting 1. Draw and cut out shapes from construction paper. You can also print and cut out any of our printable shapes and stencils or reuse shape cut-outs you've made from previous art projects.
Step 2 Toothbrush Painting 2. Put masking tape at the back of each shape.
Step 3 Toothbrush Painting 3. Arrange the shapes on sketch paper and press firmly on each one.
Step 4 Toothbrush Painting 4. Cover your work area with a mat or with newspapers. Prepare different colors of paint on your palette. Thin down the paint with some water.
Step 5 Toothbrush Painting 5. Place a kitchen strainer or plastic basket on top of the sketch paper. You can either position it upright or upside-down, as long as it doesn't touch the paper directly.
Step 6 Toothbrush Painting 6. Dip a toothbrush onto one color of paint. Shake off the excess paint.
Step 7 Toothbrush Painting 7. Start brushing across the strainer so that the paint is sprayed around the shapes.
Step 8 Toothbrush Painting 8. Repeat using other colors of paint until all the shapes have been painted. Rinse the toothbrush in water when changing colors or you may assign one toothbrush for each color.
Step 9 Toothbrush Painting 9. Remove the strainer and the shape cut-outs to reveal your toothbrush-painted shapes.