Clay Tile Mosaic

Make tile chips out of self-hardening clay and use them to make beautiful mosaic tile art.
Clay Tile Mosaic craft


  • Self-hardening clay (e.g. Crayola Air Dry Clay or Amaco Stonex white clay)
  • Poster paint or acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Plastic knife
  • Scissors
  • Rolling pin or tall bottle
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • White glue
  • Decoupage medium (optional)

Safety Tips

  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Clay Tile Mosaic 1. Start off with a small chunk of white self-hardening clay.
Step 2 Clay Tile Mosaic Ask for an adult's help.2. Flatten the clay with a rolling pin or tall bottle. Spread out the clay into a relatively uniform thickness.
Step 3 Clay Tile Mosaic 3. Leave the flattened clay to dry overnight.
Step 4 Clay Tile Mosaic Ask for an adult's help.4. The best time to cut the clay is actually when it is almost dry but still slightly pliable. Cut the clay into small triangles, rectangles, or irregular-shaped pieces, very much similar to broken ceramic tiles. Leave the clay tile chips to dry completely.
Step 5 Clay Tile Mosaic 5. Plan the mosaic tile piece that you want to make, including its size, shape, and design. For this demo, I plan to make a round coaster-sized piece with a heart design. It helps to draw the planned size and shape on paper.
Step 6 Clay Tile Mosaic 6. Put the clay tile chips together in jigsaw puzzle fashion to come up with the main shape for your mosaic.
Step 7 Clay Tile Mosaic 7. Fill in more tiles inside the shape. If you can't seem to fit the pieces perfectly, you can still trim and cut the tiles into a more suitable size and shape.
Step 8 Clay Tile Mosaic 8. You can mark the edges of the main shape by drawing around it with a pencil. This will make it easier to tell it apart from the background tiles.
Step 9 Clay Tile Mosaic 9. Fill the background with more tiles. Again, you can trim or cut your tile chips if you can't find a good fit.
Step 10 Clay Tile Mosaic 10. Paint the tile pieces. To ensure that you don't lose your carefully laid out design, work at an area at a time and put each painted piece back to its original position.
Step 11 Clay Tile Mosaic 11. When you're done painting, set your work aside to dry.
Step 12 Clay Tile Mosaic 12. Once the painted tiles are dry, prepare the clay base for your tile mosaic by flattening a chunk of clay to a thickness of at least 1/3 of an inch. Use your hands to mold it into the intended size and shape. Or better yet, use the cup or mold in Step 5 (if you used any). Pat the sides of the clay to smoothen the trimmed edges.
Step 13 Clay Tile Mosaic 13. Now start transferring the tiles one at a time onto the clay base.
Step 14 Clay Tile Mosaic 14. After you have positioned all the tiles in place, slightly press on each tile to bury it into the clay. This pressure will slightly deform the clay so it will be helpful to support the edges of the base as you press on each tile.
Step 15 Clay Tile Mosaic 15. Allow the clay to set completely. This may take a day or more, depending on the size of your work and the relative humidity in your area.
Step 16 Clay Tile Mosaic 16. Once your clay mosaic has set completely, brush over a thick layer of white glue or decoupage medium (e.g. Mod Podge) on the tiles.

In contrast to white glue, decoupage medium will waterproof your work. Apply it on all areas, including the bottom surface of your mosaic.
Step 17 Clay Tile Mosaic 17. The white glue or decoupage medium will dry clear and will give the tiles a glazed look and brighter colors.

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