Firework Printing

Use pipe cleaners or drinking straws to print colorful fireworks on paper—a fun activity to do with kids on New Year's, bonfire night, or Fourth of July.
Firework Printing craft


  • Black or any dark-colored paper
  • Pipe cleaners or drinking straws
  • Poster paint or tempera paint
  • Plastic plates or similar flat containers for the paint
  • Glitter (optional)

Safety Tips

  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Firework Printing craft 1. You will need 4 to 5 pipe cleaners to make the printing tool.
Step 2 Firework Printing craft 2. Gather the pipe cleaners together. Do not align them at the ends so that you can print fireworks with uneven rays.
Step 3 Firework Printing craft 3. Fold the bunch of pipe cleaners in half.
Step 4 Firework Printing craft 4. Gather them together.
Step 5 Firework Printing craft Ask for an adult's help.5. Twist the bottom of the pipe cleaners together to create a handle.
Step 6a Firework Printing craft 6. Spread open the pipe cleaners. Try to position them at the same level so that they lay completely flat when placed on a flat surface.
Step 6b Firework Printing craft *If you want to create smaller fireworks, cut the pipe cleaners in half in Step 1. The resulting printing tool will have a very short handle, but will still be easy to grip.
Step 7 Firework Printing craft 7. Make several printing tools, preferably one for each color of paint.
Step 8 Firework Printing craft 8. Put paint in plastic plates, small trays, or other flat containers. Add just enough water to make the paint spreadable. Mix well.
Step 9 Firework Printing craft 9. Dip the printing tool onto the paint. Wiggle it around so that all the pipe cleaners touch the paint.
Step 10 Firework Printing craft 10. Press the printing tool onto any dark-colored paper. You can press on any pipe cleaner that isn't touching the paper.
Step 11 Firework Printing craft 11. Lift the pipe cleaner tool to check out the colored print.
Step 12 Firework Printing craft 12. Print several more colors over your first print to come up with a colorful firework.
Step 13 Firework Printing craft 13. Fill your paper with colorful firework prints.

More Ideas

Firework printing using drinking straws

Drinking straws

Aside from pipe cleaners, you can also use bendable drinking straws to make the printing tool. Gather 8 to 10 drinking straws and tape them together in the middle. Tape them again just above the bendable section. Bend the end of each straw outwards to complete your printing tool.
Firework prints with glitter

Adding glitter

Create sparkly fireworks by any of these methods:
  • Mix glitter directly with the paint in Step 8.
  • Sprinkle glitter after making the firework prints in Step 12. To make sure that your firework prints do not dry before you are able to sprinkle the glitter, mix some white glue or clear liquid glue with the paint in Step 8.
  • Draw sparkly lines with glitter glue over your firework prints after Step 13.