Folding Paper Stars

Make an easy 5-point paper star with just four folds and one cut.
Folding Paper Stars


  • Paper
  • Scissors


Step 1a Folding Paper Stars 1.

Choose the paper size.

Either US Letter size paper or any square piece of paper can be used to make a paper star.

a.) US Letter size - start out with a US Letter size paper (8½" x 11") or paper with the same proportions.
Step 1b Folding Paper Stars b.) Square - a square is more versatile since it can either be store-bought (e.g. origami paper) or cut from any rectangular piece of paper. Follow these easy steps for making a square from rectangular paper.
Step 2 Folding Paper Stars 2.

Make the first fold.

Except for Step 3, the rest of the steps are the same for the paper square and the US Letter size paper.

The first step is to fold the paper up in half.
Step 3 Folding Paper Stars 3.

Mark the point "X".

"X" is the point along the paper's left edge that defines the succeeding folds.

a.) US Letter - "X" is the midpoint on the left edge. This can easily be marked by folding the paper in half and creasing the paper lightly at the corners. Unfold.
Step 3b Folding Paper Stars

b.) Square - "X" is the one-third point from the top of the left edge. You can either estimate the location or measure it with a ruler.
Step 4 Folding Paper Stars 4.

Make the second fold.

Fold the bottom right corner up towards "X".
Step 5 Folding Paper Stars 5.

Make the third fold.

Fold the bottom left corner over the right edge.
Step 6 Folding Paper Stars 6.

Make the fourth fold.

Finally, fold the top right corner over the left edge.
Step 7a Folding Paper Stars 7.

Cut a wedge.

Cut a diagonal line starting from the right edge going up towards the left. The resulting wedge is your folded paper star.

Step 7b Folding Paper Stars For comparison, this is how the folded paper square looks like after doing all the steps above.
Step 8 Folding Paper Stars 8.

Unfold the paper star.

Carefully unfold the wedge to reveal a five-point symmetrical paper star.

*These fold-and-cut stars are pretty fun to make, but if you're looking for ready-to-print stars, check out our star templates.

More Ideas

Paper star with flower prints

Create a variety of stars.

Create variety by using different colors and patterns of paper. You can even recycle giftwrap paper or magazine pages for colorful and interesting prints.

Varying the steepness of the diagonal cut in Step 7 affects the thickness of the star's arms. A steep cut will result in a star with very slim arms.
Pink paper star with prints While an almost horizontal cut will make a paper star with broad arms.
Layered paper stars

Decorate the stars.

Decorate the stars by drawing lines or patterns on them, or by embellishing them with glitter, buttons, sequins, or ribbons. Brighten up any room with these lovely paper stars or use them for making crafts and other projects. Check out these crafting ideas:
Fourth of July paper stars

Create paper stars for special occasions.

Have fun making paper stars for Christmas, The Fourth of July, and other special occasions.
Cut out sections to make a papercut star

Make some papercut stars.

Create beautiful papercut patterns inside your star with just one additional step. The labeled wedge on top is the resulting shape after Step 7. The cut edge is labeled as "A" and the two adjacent sides as "B" and "C".

To make the papercut designs, simply cut random shapes on sides "B" and "C".
Papercut star Unfold to see the cool papercut patterns on your star.
Papercut star on a frame Making a paper frame for your star is a neat idea. Glue the papercut star onto background paper to create a frame. Cut the edges of the frame with a pair of craft scissors to make wavy or zigzag edges.
3D paper star

Make a 3D Paper Star.

Your flat paper star can be transformed into a three-dimensional one with a few additional folds. See the details in our 3D Paper Star craft.