Glitter Snowflake

Make dazzling snowflake decorations by embellishing paper snowflakes with glitter.
Glitter Snowflake craft


  • Paper snowflakes
  • White glue or clear liquid glue
  • Paint brush
  • Glitter
  • Scissors
  • Plastic wrap

Safety Tips

  • Wash hands thoroughly after handling glitter.
  • If glitter gets in the eyes, rinse off with clean water.


Step 1 Glitter Snowflake craft 1. Make some paper snowflakes following any of these instructions:
Step 2 Glitter Snowflake craft 2. Pour some white glue or clear liquid glue in a palette or in any small container. We recommend adding a bit of water to make the glue a bit more spreadable.
Step 3 Glitter Snowflake craft 3. Cut a sheet of plastic wrap larger than your paper snowflake. Spread the plastic wrap on your work area and place the paper snowflake at the center.  Brush over the entire paper snowflake with glue.
Step 4 Glitter Snowflake craft 4. Sprinkle glitter over the glue.
Step 5 Glitter Snowflake craft 5. Allow the glitter-covered snowflake to dry.
Step 6 Glitter Snowflake craft 6. Once dry, carefully peel off the snowflake from the plastic wrap.

*If you wish to, you may apply glitter to the other side of the snowflake following steps 3 to 5.
Step 7 Glitter Snowflake craft 7. You may notice some dried up glue with glitter along the edges of your snowflake. You can remove these by gently pulling them away with your fingers or by trimming them off with a pair of scissors.
Step 8 Glitter Snowflake craft 8. Tie a string along the top edge of the snowflake and hang it up anywhere as a lovely Christmas décor. Make several glitter snowflakes to hang from the ceiling or along window sills. They also look great as Christmas tree ornaments.