Paper Hearts

Cut out hearts of different colors and sizes and put them together to make interesting images, pictures and collages.
Paper Hearts craft


  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Pipe cleaner, rhinestones, glitter, other decorative materials (optional)


Step 1 Paper Hearts craft 1. A heart is a symmetrical image, that is, the right and left sides are mirror-images. The first step in making any symmetrical shape is to fold your paper in half. Crease the paper along the fold.
Step 2 Paper Hearts craft 2. Draw half a heart along the paper's folded age.
Step 3 Paper Hearts craft 3. Cut out along the outline.
Step 4 Paper Hearts craft 4. Unfold the paper to reveal a heart shape.
Step 5 Paper Hearts craft 5. Repeat the process to make hearts of all colors and sizes. You can also make hearts that are tall and narrow or those that are short and stubby.
Step 6 Paper Hearts craft 6. Now you can use your imagination to put the hearts together into images, creatures, pictures or collages. You can make simple compositions like these concentric hearts (hearts glued on top of each other, from largest to smallest), which can be used as Valentine's Day decorations or glued onto wooden dowels to make heart-shaped fairy wands.
Step 7 Paper Hearts craft 7. You can go on and make more interesting images. I've put the two concentric hearts together to make a butterfly.
Step 8 Paper Hearts craft 8. You can accent your work with other shapes or with other materials. My butterfly was completed by gluing on an oval-shaped body, smaller hearts, and a pair of pipe cleaner antennae. The pipe cleaner was bent into a V-shape before being taped at the back of the butterfly.

More Ideas

There are a lot of different ways to combine heart shapes into wonderful compositions. Below are some examples that you can try out and help you make your own unique picture.

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Paper Hearts collage The flowers in this paper collage are made distinct not only by their colors, but by the size of their heart-shaped petals.
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