Plastic Wrap Painted Flowers

Discover the possibilities of painting with plastic wrap in this color learning flower craft.
Plastic Wrap Painted Flowers craft


  • A4 or Letter size paper
  • Plastic wrap
  • Poster paint
  • Colored paper or felt
  • Scissors
  • Craft sticks or drinking straws
  • Glue

Safety Tips

  • Kids 8 years and younger should use child-safe scissors.
  • Do not let children play with the plastic wrap.


Step 1 Plastic Painted Flowers 1. Draw your own flowers or print out any of these flower shapes (Sets 5 to 9).
Step 2 Plastic Wrap Painted Flowers Ask for an adult's help.2. Cut the template by sections of 2 to 3 flowers.
Step 3a Plastic Wrap Painted Flowers 3. Flip each section over. The flower outlines should still be quite visible from the back. To allow for easier cutting later on, we will be painting at the back of the flowers.

Mark the areas where the flowers are by drawing a border around each one.
Step 3b Plastic Wrap Painted Flowers As a fine motor skill activity, you can also have kids trace each flower outline.
Step 4 Plastic Wrap Painted Flowers 4. Put two colors of paint in small patches on the flowers. You may either use a small spoon or if your paint comes in tubes, you can squeeze them on directly.
Step 5a Plastic Wrap Painted Flowers 5. There are two easy ways to paint with plastic wrap:

a.) Cover the entire section of paper with plastic wrap. Rub on the plastic with your fingers, spreading the two colors on each flower as you go. Remember to fill the entire area inside the border of each flower.
Step 5b Plastic Wrap Painted Flowers b.) Wrap your index finger in plastic wrap and use it to mix the colors on the flowers.

Have kids observe what new color is created when the two colors mix.
Step 6 Plastic Wrap Painted Flowers 6. For convenience, work with one color combination for each set of flowers. Change the plastic wrap as you finish with each batch.
Step 7 Plastic Wrap Painted Flowers 7. Once the flowers are dry, you may cut them out. Follow the flower outlines on the unpainted side of the paper.
Step 8 Plastic Wrap Painted Flowers 8. Cut out paper or felt circles and glue them at the center of each flower.
Step 9 Plastic Wrap Painted Flowers 9. Make a stem by gluing a craft stick or a drinking straw at the back of each flower.

Cut out leaf shapes from paper or felt and glue them along the stems.

More Ideas

Step 11 Plastic Wrap Flowers in a Pot Paint a food tub or a tissue box to make a flower box. Fill it with sand, clay or Styrofoam before planting your flowers in it.
Step 11 Plastic Wrap Painted Flowers With or without the stems, you can use your painted flowers to compose a garden picture or decorate a greeting card.
Hula Lei craft String the flowers together to make a colorful Hula Lei.
Flower Crown craft Make a colorful flower crown with your plastic wrap painted flowers.