Shaving Foam Marbling

Create beautiful marbled prints on paper using shaving foam and a bit of food coloring.
Shaving Foam Marbling


  • Paper or cardstock
  • Shaving foam
  • Food coloring or watercolor paint
  • Tray or plastic placemat
  • Eyedropper, small spoon or paint brush
  • Chopstick or small craft stick
  • Cardboard or squeegee

Safety Tips

  • Colored shaving foam may be mistaken by children as something edible. Adult supervision is required especially with children under the age of three.


Step 1 Shaving Foam Marbling 1. Spray shaving foam on a tray or plastic placemat. If you need lots of space, you can cover a table with wax paper or plastic wrap before dispensing the shaving foam onto the table.
Step 2 Shaving Foam Marbling 2. Level the shaving foam with a squeegee or a straight-edged piece of cardboard. The foam should be approximately an inch thick. 
Step 3 Shaving Foam Marbling 3. Place several drops of food coloring or watered-down watercolor paint onto the shaving foam. You may want to try 2-3 colors first since mixing too many colors can result in a muddy-colored foam.

*Eye droppers or small squeeze bottles are great for dispensing the colors, though small spoons or paint brushes work just as well.
Step 4 Shaving Foam Marbling 4. Use a stick or the wooden tip of a paint brush to swirl the colors around. Try not to push deep down on the shaving foam. Let the stick skim the surface and drag the colors into interesting patterns. You can do random lines or go for more deliberate strokes and patterns.
Step 5 Shaving Foam Marbling 5. Cut paper to the desired size and shape. You can cut your paper into fun shapes such as hearts, butterflies or Easter eggs. The paper should be smaller than the colored area of your shaving foam. Lay the paper onto the surface of the shaving foam. Gently press down on the paper so that it comes in contact with the colors on the foam.
Step 6 Shaving Foam Marbling 6. Carefully lift the paper from the shaving foam.
Step 7 Shaving Foam Marbling 7. Place the paper on a flat surface. Use a clean squeegee or straight-edged piece of cardboard to scrape off the shaving foam.
Step 8 Shaving Foam Marbling 8. Let the paper dry completely.  Your beautiful marbled paper can be framed or made into a colorful book cover. It can also be cut into smaller shapes and used for other craft projects such as these:

Step 9 Shaving Foam Marbling 9. You can lift 2 or 3 more prints from your colored foam layer. The prints will be softer than the original one but they are still quite stunning.
Step 10 Shaving Foam Marbling 10. If you wish to reuse the colored foam, mix it until it turns into a single color. Level the foam and make new marbled prints following Steps 2 to 8.
Step 11 Shaving Foam Marbling 11. The colored foam layer will add a background color to your marbled prints. Continue reusing the foam layer until the color gets too dark or muddy. Replace with a fresh batch of white shaving foam.

More Ideas

Shaving foam marbled Easter eggs You can pre-cut your paper to specific shapes before marbling or cut them into shapes after your marbled paper dries. Either way, cutting paper into seasonal shapes (e.g. Easter eggs for Easter, flowers and butterflies for spring, or hearts for Valentine's day) opens up a lot of crafting and decorating possibilities. Make the colorful shapes into garlands, mobiles, greeting cards or wall décor.
Shaving foam marbled heart Marbling using a single color of paint is as interesting as a multi-colored one, especially if the paint contrasts well with the background. Besides using plain white paper, you can also try marbling onto colored paper.