Baker's Tray

Pretend to be a creative baker - sculpt some cookies, muffins, doughnuts and ginger bread people with colored dough or clay.
Baker's Tray Tree craft


  • Plastic tray or any sturdy board
  • Self-hardening clay (e.g. Crayola Model Magic or salt dough
  • Muffin paper or paper cup
  • Crayons
  • Crayon sharpener
  • Small beads
  • Shaving foam
  • Colored glue (Commercially available or
    color your own glue)
  • Colored flour paste

Safety Tips

  • This art project is not edible.
  • Small craft materials such as beads are choking hazards. These are not suitable for children below the age of three.


Step 1 Baker's Tray 1. Find a tray or a sturdy board to make into your Baker's Tray.
Step 2 Baker's Tray 2. To make the baked goodies you can use homemade salt dough or commercial self-hardening clay. Make sure you've got shades of brown to make your sculptures look like real baked goodies.
Step 3 Baker's Tray 3. COOKIES - roll light brown dough into small balls and press each one down flat with your hand.
Step 4 Baker's Tray 4. Make small depressions on each cookie with your finger. Put small bits of dark brown dough into each depression to create chocolate chips for your cookie.
Step 5 Baker's Tray 5. DOUGHNUTS - roll dough into a long sausage shape and connect the ends together to form a ring.
Step 6 Baker's Tray 6. Decorate the doughnuts with fake frosting made out of colored glue (commercially available or homemade), colored flour paste or shaving foam. Choose the "flavor" of your frosting by using the appropriate color such as pink for strawberry, brown for chocolate or white for plain whipped cream.
Step 7 Baker's Tray 7. Sprinkle the doughnuts with colored beads, crayon shavings or small bits of colored dough.
Step 8 Baker's Tray 8. MUFFINS or CUPCAKES - roll dough into balls and place each one inside a piece of cupcake or muffin paper.
Step 9 Baker's Tray 9. If you don't have cupcake or muffin paper, make your own by trimming off a paper cup to the right height and drawing vertical lines all around with crayons.
Step 10 Baker's Tray 10. Just like the doughnuts, you can decorate the muffins and cupcakes with beads or small colored dough balls. Use shaving cream to make whipped cream and colored glue to make syrup.
Step 11 Baker's Tray 11. GINGERBREAD MAN - shape dough into ginger bread people and make details with colored glue and/or bits of colored dough.
Step 12 Baker's Tray 12. Allow your sculptures to air dry. Commercial self-hardening clay will dry completely in 1 to 2 days while salt dough will take 2 days or more.