Fruit Basket

Create an easy paper fruit basket with a set of matching paper fruits.
Fruit Basket craft


  • Poster paint or water color paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil
  • Various flavors of fruit juice powder (optional)
  • Things to decorate your basket with: ribbon, stickers, small craft foam shapes, sequins, glitter glue, etc.


Step 1 Fruit Basket 1. Draw and cut out different fruits on sketch paper or white construction paper. You can also print out any or all of these fruit templates:
Step 2 Fruit Basket 2. Prepare paint on your palette. Use the appropriate colors to match your fruits (red for apples, purple for grapes, etc.)
Step 3 Fruit Basket 3. As an added sensory experience, you may add fruit juice powder to each color of paint. Paint with fruit juice powder will dry with a nice shiny slightly gritty finish, and a fruity smell.
Step 4 Fruit Basket 4. Paint the fruits and set them aside to dry.
Step 5 Fruit Basket 5. Print-out our basket template 3 or draw your own basket on construction paper. Cut out the basket and prepare a piece of construction paper for the background.
Step 6 Fruit Basket 6. Apply glue around the back of the basket, except along the basket's lip.
Step 7 Fruit Basket 7. Glue the basket onto the background paper. Remember that the basket's lip shouldn't be glued on. You need to be able to slip in your paper fruits inside the basket.
Step 8 Fruit Basket 8. Decorate the basket with whatever craft materials you have. Glitter glue, small craft shapes, stickers, sequins, paper cut-outs, ribbons, are just some of the things you can use.
Step 9 Fruit Basket 9. Once the painted fruits are dry, slip them inside the basket.

More Ideas

Paper Basket Another option besides drawing your own fruits or printing out the fruit templates is to make colorful prints from real fruits. See how it's done at our Fruit and Vegetable Prints craft and Fruit Prints Placemat craft. After the paint dries, cut out the fruits and place them inside the paper basket.
Paper Basket Instead of gluing the basket onto background paper, you can make a tote-along paper fruit basket.

Check out how this basket is made at our Paper Basket craft.