Jingle Bell Painting

Make art time with your child more exciting by introducing more sensory stimulus. This painting activity is a slight variation of Marble Painting wherein bells are used to deliver interesting prints on paper in place of marbles.
Jingle Bell Painting craft


  • Plastic or metal canister (Pringles, ice cream tub
    or tin can)
  • Sketch paper
  • Round bells (1/2" to 3/4" diameter)
  • Poster paint (red, yellow, blue)
  • Small plastic bowls or muffin tins
  • Plastic spoons

Safety Tips

  • Small objects such as bells are choking hazards and should be used under adult supervision.


Step 1 Jingle Bell Painting 1. Find a suitable shaking container such as food canisters (Pringles can, ice cream tubs), play dough canisters, or small boxes.
Step 2 Jingle Bell Painting 2. Cut sketch paper so that it can be rolled inside the canister. If you're using a box, cut paper to fit the bottom of the box.
Step 3 Jingle Bell Painting 3. Position the paper inside the container.
Step 4 Jingle Bell Painting 4. Prepare paint by mixing up with a little water in small bowls. Make sure the paints aren't too runny.
Step 5 Jingle Bell Painting 5. Dip one bell in one color. Use a spoon to move the bell around the paint, coating it thoroughly.
Step 6 Jingle Bell Painting 6. Scoop out the bell and drop it into the shaking container.
Step 7 Jingle Bell Painting 7. Cover the container and shake. The sound of the bell inside the canister is so interesting!
Step 8 Jingle Bell Painting 8. Remove the lid and take out the bell.
Step 9 Jingle Bell Painting 9. Repeat the process (Steps 5 to 8) with each of the remaining colors. This time you may put more bells inside your shaking container. Remember that it's best to work with one color at a time to avoid ending up with brownish or mud-colored prints.
Step 10 Jingle Bell Painting 10. Continue with the painting and shaking process until you're happy with how the prints look on your paper. Remove the paper from the container and set it on a flat surface to dry.

More Ideas

Patriotic Drum craft Use jingle painting to make white snowy patterns on paper. Cut out the paper into shapes and assemble them into a nice snowy day collage.

Earth Friendly Tips

  • Clean the bells after painting and they can be recycled for your other craft projects. Dry them thoroughly before storage to prevent rust.
  • Whether you used a box or a canister as your shaking container, you can still reuse them for future craft projects.