Clay Pencil Pals

Jazz up your pencils by sculpting self-hardening clay into cute pencil toppers.
Clay Pencil Pals craft


  • Pencils
  • Air dry modeling clay (e.g. Crayola Model Magic or
    Amaco cloud clay)
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Play dough cutting tools (optional)
  • Decorative materials: pipe cleaner, craft wire,
    beads, sequins, rhinestones

Safety Tips

  • Small craft materials such as beads and wiggle eyes are choking hazards. These are not suitable for children below the age of three.


Step 2 Clay Pencil Pals 1. Make the main body for your pencil topper by forming a small lump of salf-hardening clay into a ball.
Step 3 Clay Pencil Pals 2. Grease the top end of a pencil with petroleum jelly. The lubricant will allow you to remove the finished pencil topper from your pencil.
Step 4 Clay Pencil Pals 3. Gently insert the greased end of the pencil through the clay.
Step 5 Clay Pencil Pals 4. Mold the ball of clay into the intended shape. Pinching the bottom of my ball of clay makes it into the shape I chose- a strawberry!
Step 6 Clay Pencil Pals 5. Add some details with other colors of self-hardening clay. My strawberry needs a green crown on top.
Step 7 Clay Pencil Pals 6. Add more details if necessary. Little black seeds made from bits of black clay tops off my strawberry pencil topper.
Step 8 Clay Pencil Pals 7. Once you've put in all the details, let your pencil topper set overnight.

More Ideas

Frog Pencil Topper Character pencil toppers are a great idea. Create clay pencil toppers of your favorite animals or cartoon characters.
Butterfly Pencil Topper You may also go with a flat design such as a flower or a butterfly pencil topper. Make a band of clay to go around the pencil and attach the main design or character onto this band.

Embedding other materials (e.g sequins, rhinestones, pipe cleaner, wiggle eyes, beads) onto your clay characters can make your pencil topper more interesting.
Clay Pencil Toppers Once the clay sets, the pencil toppers can be removed from the pencils.