Leaf Prints Tree

Make a beautiful paper tree decorated with leaves made with leaf prints.
Leaf Prints Tree craft


  • Real leaves
  • Sketch paper
  • Craft paper or brown construction paper
  • Any water-based paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Glue
  • Scissors


Step 1 Leaf Prints Tree 1. Collect some small to medium-sized leaves.
Step 2 Leaf Prints Tree 2. Draw and cut out a tree trunk on brown craft paper or construction paper. Approximate the size of the trunk with the leaves you collected.

You can also print out these tree trunk templates on brown A4 or Letter size paper. The large tree trunk fits a 12" x 18" background paper.
Step 3 Leaf Prints Tree 3. If you're using craft paper, gently crumple the tree trunk into a ball. If you're using construction paper, it will be too stiff to be crumpled up, so skip this step and proceed to Step 7.
Step 4 Leaf Prints Tree 4. Gently open up the crumpled tree trunk. Straighten it out on your table.
Step 5 Leaf Prints Tree 5. Dip the tip of a dry paint brush onto undiluted brown paint. Run the paint brush across a portion of the tree trunk. The crumpled surface will absorb the paint unevenly, giving it the appearance of a tree bark.
Step 6 Leaf Prints Tree 6. Paint on the entire tree trunk and glue it onto a sheet of background paper.
Step 7 Leaf Prints Tree 7. Prepare paint on your palette. Most leaves are green but some come in other colors as well. During autumn, some leaves turn into shades of red, yellow, orange and brown.
Step 8 Leaf Prints Tree 8. Position a leaf on the table with its bottom side facing up.
Step 9 Leaf Prints Tree 9. Paint the entire surface of the leaf.
Step 10 Leaf Prints Tree 10. Press the painted leaf on one of the tree branches.
Step 11 Leaf Prints Tree 11. Remove the leaf to reveal a colored leaf print.
Step 12 Leaf Prints Tree 12. Continue making leaf prints around the branches. Once you've filled the entire tree with leaf prints, set the picture aside to dry.

More Ideas

Autumn Leaf Prints Tree Make an autumn tree with red, yellow and orange leaf prints.

Instead of making a paper tree trunk, trace the outline of your forearm onto the background paper and color inside the outline with brown crayon.
Gold and Silver Tree Create a magical tree by making gold and silver leaf prints and painting the tree trunk gold.