Leaf Rubbings

Make colorful crayon rubbings of different kinds of leaves.
Leaf Rubbings craft


  • Real leaves
  • Any thin sheet of paper
  • Crayons or oil pastels


Step 1 Leaf Rubbings 1. Collect leaves of various shapes and sizes.
Step 2 Leaf Rubbings 2. Place a leaf bottom side facing up on a flat surface.
Step 3 Leaf Rubbings 3. Put a thin sheet of paper on top of the leaf.
Step 4 Leaf Rubbings 4. Rub the side of a crayon or an oil pastel gently on the area over the leaf. Observe as part of the leaf shape start to appear.
Step 5 Leaf Rubbings 5. Continue until you've rubbed over the entire leaf.
Step 6 Leaf Rubbings 6. Remove the leaf from under the paper.
Step 7 Leaf Rubbings 7. Repeat using other colors and other leaf shapes.
Step 8 Leaf Rubbings 8. You can also overlap the rubbings to create a leaf print collage.

More Ideas

Leaf Prints Tree craft Make several autumn-colored leaf rubbings. Cut them out and use them to make a beautiful Fall Leaf Wreath.