Rock Salt Mosaic

Color some sea salt and use them to create these wonderful crystalline mosaics.
Rock Salt Mosaic craft


  • Rock salt
  • Plastic bags
  • Food coloring or poster paint
  • Construction paper, Styrofoam board or sand paper
  • Clear liquid glue or white glue
  • Scissors or craft knife


Step 1 Rock Salt Mosaic 1. Place about ½ to 1 cup of rock salt into a plastic bag.
Step 2 Rock Salt Mosaic 2. Add several drops of food coloring or poster paint. Poster paint makes ultra-bright colored salt but the salt loses some of its crystalline appearance. Food coloring retains the salt's crystalline appeal but the colors are not as brilliant.
Step 3 Rock Salt Mosaic 3. Seal the plastic bag. Shake and rub the bag until the salt is completely and evenly colored.
Step 4 Rock Salt Mosaic 4. Spread the salt on paper to dry.
Step 5 Rock Salt Mosaic 5. Repeat the process to make other colors. Allow a few hours for the colored salt to dry completely.
Step 6 Rock Salt Mosaic 6. Find a suitable background for your mosaic. Use a sturdy material such as Styrofoam board, sand paper or illustration board. Draw a picture on your background.
Step 7 Rock Salt Mosaic 7. Squeeze some clear liquid glue or white glue on one portion of the image.
Step 8 Rock Salt Mosaic 8. Spoon in or sprinkle with colored rock salt until the glue is completely covered.
Step 9 Rock Salt Mosaic 9. Work on an area at a time until you've completed your rock salt mosaic. Let your mosaic dry completely.

More Ideas

More Ideas for the Rock Salt Mosaic craft Try using more colors to make a great mosaic picture.