Starry Pencil Holder

Recycle a canister into an easy starry pencil holder.
Starry Pencil Holder craft


  • Food canister or tub (small Pringles can,
    ice cream tub)
  • Yellow craft foam
  • Scissors
  • Star-shaped craft punch
  • Dark blue acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Glue
  • Silver glitter


Step 1 Starry Pencil Holder 1. Find a suitable base for your pencil holder. Canisters, ice cream tubs, or any tube-shaped container will do.
Step 2 Starry Pencil Holder 2. Paint the container with dark blue acrylic paint.
Step 3 Starry Pencil Holder 3. Sprinkle silver glitter while the paint is still wet.

*If the paint dries right away, you can brush over a layer of glitter glue instead.
Step 4 Starry Pencil Holder 4. Make small star shapes from craft foam with a star-shaped craft punch. You can also use cut your own stars, print out these star templates, or use star stickers.
Step 5 Starry Pencil Holder 5. Glue the stars all around the painted canister.
Step 6 Starry Pencil Holder 6. Once everything dries, put your pencils, pens and scissors inside your starry pencil holder.