Accordion Paper Flowers

Fold a few paper squares like an accordion to turn them into easy paper flowers. Arrange them on a vase for a lovely table décor or use them to make wreaths, mobiles, and other craft projects.
Accordion Paper Flowers craft


  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Wooden dowels or sticks
  • Buttons, plastic gems, brads, or other
    embellishments (optional)


Step 1 Accordion Paper Flowers 1. Prepare 3 to 4 paper squares of the same size. You can use square origami paper or follow these easy steps for making a square from any rectangular piece of paper. Gift wrap paper, magazine pages, and colorful brochures are some examples of interesting paper options. Try to avoid using cardstock or paper that is too thick or heavy to fold.
Step 2 Accordion Paper Flowers 2. To ensure that all the paper squares will have the same fold width, gather the sheets together, aligning them on all four sides. While keeping the squares stacked together, make a ½ to ¾ inch wide fold on one side.
Step 3 Accordion Paper Flowers 3. Separate the sheets. Using the fold width created in the previous step, fold each paper square like an accordion (back-and-forth folding).
Step 4 Accordion Paper Flowers 4. Trim the excess paper after the last fold.
Step 5 Accordion Paper Flowers 5. Fold each paper accordion in half.
Step 6 Accordion Paper Flowers 6. Apply glue on the inside of the folded paper accordion. Bring the two halves towards each other and press firmly to glue them together.
Step 7 Accordion Paper Flowers 7. When unfolded, each paper accordion will look like a fan. These fan-like pieces will make up the sections of your paper flower and the folds will be the flower petals.
Step 8a Accordion Paper Flowers 8. As an optional step, you can alter the shape of the flower petals by trimming the tops of each flower section. After doing Step 6, draw a curved line or a diagonal line near the top of the outermost fold. Cut along the line.
Step 8b Accordion Paper Flowers To make sure that all flower sections have the same petal shape, place the trimmed section over an untrimmed one, aligning them along the edges. Trace the shape of the tops of the trimmed section onto the section below it. Cut along the line.
Step 9 Accordion Paper Flowers 9. Glue the first and second flower sections together, aligning them along the edges.
Step 10 Accordion Paper Flowers 10. Glue the third section over the second one, again aligning along the edges. Glue the fourth section on top of the third one. Press on the entire pile to glue all the sections in place. Allow the glue to set for a few minutes before proceeding with the next step.
Step 11 Accordion Paper Flowers 11. Apply glue onto the pile's topmost fold and along the base of the flower sections.
Step 12 Accordion Paper Flowers 12. Carefully bring the two outermost folds towards each other to open up the flower. Press on these pair of folds to glue them together.
Step 13 Accordion Paper Flowers 13. Gently press the sections towards the center to glue their bases together.
Step 14a Accordion Paper Flowers 14. Glue a wooden dowel or stick at the back of each paper flower to make a stem. Create colorful stems by painting the dowels or wrapping them with fabric ribbon or washi tape. Arrange the stemmed flowers on a vase to make a lovely table décor.
Step 14b Accordion Paper Flowers An accent can be added at the center of each flower by gluing a paper circle, a button, a plastic gem, or a craft brad. Without stems, these pretty flowers can be used to decorate wreaths, hats, flower crowns, and other craft projects. They can also be taped onto walls, bulletin boards, or window sills for a nature or spring-themed room.

More Ideas

Accordion paper sunflower

Use two paper squares.

Instead of the recommended 3-4 paper squares, try using 2 squares to come up with a flower with less petals. The folds are more stretched open, emphasizing the individual petal shapes.

Accordion paper flowers - securing the middle with a string However, when using only two paper squares, you will need to secure the middle of each folded paper accordion to prevent the folds from unraveling in the final steps. After doing Step 5, tie a thin string or thread around the middle crease. Cut the length of excess string and proceed with the succeeding steps described in the above instructions.
Polka dot accordion paper flower Blue accordion paper flower Red accordion paper flower

Create a variety of paper flowers.

Variety can be achieved with flower size, paper color and print, fold width, petal shape, and flower center accent.

  • a.) Flower size - make small flowers by starting out with smaller paper squares and large flowers with bigger squares.

  • b.) Paper color and print - make a colorful bouquet of flowers by using a different paper or print for each flower.

  • c.) Number of paper squares - use 2 paper squares for a flower with fewer petals. Use 3 or more paper squares for more petals. The more paper squares you use, the more petals the resulting flower will have.

  • d.) Fold width - wider accordion folds make flowers with less petals and narrower folds create more petals.

  • e.) Petal shape - come up with interesting petal shapes by experimenting with the snip you make in Step 8. Try making curved, straight, steep, or irregular shaped cuts. You can even use a pair of edging scissors to create wavy, scalloped, and other fancy edges on the petals.

  • f.) Embellishments - the flowers look good without further decorating them but adding buttons, plastic gems, craft brads, paper shapes, and other embellishments at the center of the paper flowers make them look even better.