Apple Print Pumpkins

Use apple halves to print pumpkins or jack-o'-lanterns on paper or fabric.
Apple Print Pumpkins craft


  • Apples
  • Paper or fabric
  • Orange poster, tempera, or acrylic paint
  • Green poster or tempera, or acrylic paint (optional)
  • Black crayon, colored pencil or marker
  • Knife
  • Chopping board


Step 1a Apple Print Pumpkins Ask for an adult's help.1.

Prepare the apple stamps.

Cut an apple in half. You can stamp some apple prints by holding the apple as shown in the photo.
Step 1b Apple Print Pumpkins Ask for an adult's help. Another option is to carve out a handle at the back of the halved apple. This makes it easier to hold the apple—and you can save some slices for snacks.
Step 2a Apple Print Pumpkins 2.

Dip or paint the apple.

a.) Dipping - Dip the apple stamp directly onto a plate of orange paint. Acrylic paint is best used when printing onto fabric. Any water-based paint, such as tempera or poster paint, can be used on paper.
Step 2b Apple Print Pumpkins b.) Painting - Instead of dipping, you can apply orange paint onto the apple with a paint brush. If your apple has a stem, paint the stem green.
Step 3a Apple Print Pumpkins 3.

Stamp the paper or fabric.

Press the apple onto paper or fabric. If your apple has a stem, apply pressure on the stem so that it comes into contact with the paper or fabric.
Step 3a Apple Print Pumpkins Lift the apple to reveal your colored pumpkin print.
Step 4 Apple Print Pumpkins 4.

Allow the pumpkin prints to dry.

Print as many pumpkins as you like. Allow the paint to dry completely.
Step 5 Apple Print Pumpkins 5.

Draw faces on your pumpkins.

Draw a face on each pumpkin using a black crayon, colored pencil, or marker. Give each one a different expression.