Basket of Flowers

Choose from a collection of printable flowers and basket templates to color and decorate.
Basket of Flowers craft


  • Printable paper or card stock
  • Green construction paper
  • Crayons, oil pastels or
    colored pencils
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick


Step 1 Basket of Flowers 1. Create a basket by following the instructions in our Paper Basket craft.
Step 2 Basket of Flowers 2. There are a lot of ways to decorate this basket, some of which were shown in the Paper Basket craft. For this basket, I want to show how to make a woven effect that's really easy to make. First, cut out paper into short strips.
Step 3 Basket of Flowers 3. Glue the strips onto the basket in rows. Don't worry about going over the edges and you can decorate both sides of the basket if you like.
Step 4 Basket of Flowers 4. Cut out the excess length of paper strips along the basket's edges.
Step 5 Basket of Flowers 5. To make the flowers, choose from any of these options:
Step 6 Basket of Flowers 6. Cut 4-inch long strips from green construction paper for the stems. Glue a stem at the back of each flower.
Step 7 Basket of Flowers 7. Slip the flowers inside the basket. Trim the stems if necessary. You can also add some paper leaves—print out any of these leaf templates or make your own.
Step 8 Basket of Flowers 8. This basket of flowers can be carried around or glued onto a paper background.
Step 9 Basket of Flowers 9. You can slip in a note or a mini greeting card before giving the basket of flowers to your loved one.

More Ideas

Paper basket with wood patterns To add texture to the basket, you can print out the basket template onto patterned card stock. You can also cover the template pieces with patterned gift wrap paper or handmade paper.