Chinese Coin Tree

The coin tree is a popular Chinese ornament believed to bring good luck and prosperity. Create your own coin tree to celebrate the Chinese New Year or make it as a project while learning about Chinese culture.
Chinese Coin Tree craft


  • Red construction paper
  • Any brown-colored paper
  • Gold poster paint or tempera paint
  • Coins
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Safety Tips

  • Wash hands thoroughly after painting and coin printing.


Step 1 Chinese Coin Tree craft 1. On any brown-colored paper, make an outline of a tree trunk by tracing around your fingers and forearm. Another option is to draw your own tree or print out any of these tree trunk templates:
  • Tree Trunk - print out any of the templates
  • Tree - first page of Template 1
Step 2 Chinese Coin Tree craft 2. Crumple up the paper.
Step 3 Chinese Coin Tree craft 3. Gently spread out the paper.
Step 4 Chinese Coin Tree craft 4. Add a minimal amount or no water at all to gold poster paint or tempera paint.  Paint the tree trunk and the branches. The crumpled surface of the paper will absorb the paint unevenly, giving it the appearance of a tree bark. Once you've covered the entire tree, allow the paint to dry.
Step 5 Chinese Coin Tree craft 5. When the paint dries, cut out the entire tree trunk.
Step 6 Chinese Coin Tree craft 6. Glue the tree trunk onto background paper. Red is a classic color in Chinese culture though you can opt for other colors as well.
Step 7 Chinese Coin Tree craft 7. Gather various-sized coins to use for printing the coins on the tree.
Step 8 Chinese Coin Tree craft 8. To begin printing, paint on one side of the coin.
Step 9 Chinese Coin Tree craft 9. Press the painted coin close to a tree branch.
Step 10 Chinese Coin Tree craft 10. Lift the coin to reveal the golden coin print.
Step 11 Chinese Coin Tree craft 11. Continue making coin prints until the tree is laden with coins.
Step 12 Chinese Coin Tree craft 12. Once the paint dries, hang up the picture for lots of good luck and prosperity.

More Ideas

Money tree collage You need not stick with a handprint tree trunk or a printable tree template. This tree trunk was made collage-style, gluing smaller pieces together to form an entire tree trunk.