Coffee Filter Flowers

Create these colorful flowers using coffee filters. Make flat ones or add stems to make three-dimensional flowers.
Coffee Filter Flowers craft


  • Round coffee filters
  • Washable markers or food coloring
  • Scissors
  • Spray bottle
  • Wax paper
  • Droppers or small spoons
  • Pipe cleaners (optional)

Safety Tips

  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1a Coffee Filter Flowers craft 1.

Prepare some coffee filters.

Start out with some round coffee filters. Try to get the white ones—colors don't spread as well on brown coffee filters.
Step 1b Coffee Filter Flowers craft If you're using basket coffee filters, flatten them out.
Step 2 Coffee Filter Flowers craft 2.

Fold the coffee filter.

Take one coffee filter. Fold it in half four times to come up with a small wedge.
Step 3 Coffee Filter Flowers craft 3.

Cut the wedge.

Draw an arc starting from one top corner going down towards the opposite side. Cut along the arc.
Step 4 Coffee Filter Flowers craft 4.

Unfold the paper.

Carefully unfold the paper to reveal an 8-petaled flower.
Step 5 Coffee Filter Flowers craft 5.

Make several more flowers.

Repeat the steps above to create more paper flowers. Try varying the shape and steepness of the arc in Step 3 to come up with a variety of flower shapes.
Step 6a Coffee Filter Flowers craft 6.

Color the flowers.

Color the flowers by using washable markers or food coloring.

a.) Washable markers - draw lines, shapes, and patterns on the coffee filter flowers using washable markers.
Step 6b Coffee Filter Flowers craft Place the flowers on a sheet of wax paper. Make sure that the flowers have ample space between them. Spray with some water. Watch the colors spread and mix on the coffee filter. The longer the flowers sit, the more the colors will mix. Spraying with some more water will also make the colors run more. Allow the flowers to dry completelely on the wax paper.
Step 6c Coffee Filter Flowers craft b.) Food coloring (Method 1) - place the flowers on wax paper and spray with some water.
Step 6d Coffee Filter Flowers craft Place about a tablespoon of water into small containers. Add 2-3 drops of food coloring to each. The more food coloring you add, the more vibrant the flowers will be.
Step 6e Coffee Filter Flowers craft Use droppers or small spoons to add drops of the diluted food coloring on each flower. The colors will easily spread and mix on the moist coffee filter. Let the flowers dry on the wax paper.
Step 6f Coffee Filter Flowers craft c.) Food coloring (Method 2) - after doing Step 3, spray the folded coffee filter with water to moisten it.
Step 6g Coffee Filter Flowers craft Fill a small container with about a tablespoon of water and 2-3 drops of food coloring. Mix well. Dip the curved edge of the folded coffee filter into the colored liquid for about 2 seconds. The color will run up the moist coffee filter.
Step 6h Coffee Filter Flowers craft Dip the same curved tip very quickly into a another color of diluted food coloring. You can also dip the opposite tip if you like.
Step 6i Coffee Filter Flowers craft Carefully unfold the coffee filter and lay on a sheet of wax paper to dry.
Step 7 Coffee Filter Flowers craft 7.

Let the flowers dry.

The flowers will take a few hours to dry completely. Once dry,you can glue a paper circle, felt, or button at the center of each flower.

In this photo, you'll see how the flowers look with each method of coloring the coffee filters. The flowers on the top row were decorated with washable markers; the ones in the middle row were colored with drops of food coloring; and the flowers at the bottom were dipped in food coloring.
Step 8 Coffee Filter Flowers craft 8.

Use the flowers for decorations or craft projects.

Use the flowers as spring or nature-themed room decorations. You can glue a craft stick or dowel at the back of each flower to make a stem. Arrange the stemmed flowers on a vase or pot.

Even without stems, the flowers look great on greeting cards, scrapbooks, garlands, or as accents for various craft projects. Here are some craft ideas you can try:

More Ideas

Step 1a 3D Coffee Filter Flowers

Make three-dimensional flowers.

After Step 7, pinch the center of a coffee filter flower with one hand. Use the other hand to gather the petals towards the center as shown.
Step 1b 3D Coffee Filter Flowers   If you want a three-dimenisonal flower with more petals, layer 2 to 3 coffee filter flowers. Position the flowers so that their petals are offset. Glue the flowers at the center.

Pinch at the center and gather the petals towards the center as illustrated.
Step 2 3D Coffee Filter Flowers Ask for an adult's help. Wrap one end of a pipe cleaner tightly around the base of the flower. For a more rigid stem, you can wrap the rest of the pipe cleaner around a wooden dowel or an unsharpened pencil.
Blue and Red Coffee Filter Flowers Open up the petals to complete your three-dimensional flower.
Yellow Coffee Filter Flower A multi-layered flower will have more petals and would be a lot lusher. Create several of these for a beautiful bouquet.
Coffee Filter Flowers in a Vase Arrange them in a vase or pot for a charming table décor.
Flower ring

Wear the flowers as fashion accents.

Make your colorful flowers into awesome fashion accessories. Simply trim the pipe cleaner stem so that it can be wound around the finger as a fabulous ring or around the wrist as a bracelet.
Coffee Filter Flower Hat Accent Decorate hats, headbands, or flipflops with these vibrant flowers. Simply twist the pipe cleaner wherever you want to put them. Keep in mind though that the colors will run if the flowers get wet.