Craft Stick Snowflake

Explore different ways to decorate craft sticks with paper scraps and other materials to make snowflake ornaments.
Craft Stick Snowflake craft


  • Large or jumbo craft sticks
  • White poster paint, tempera,
    or acrylic paint
  • White paper
  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • Paint brush
  • String
  • Masking tape or scotch tape
  • Hot glue gun (optional)
  • Buttons, sequins, glitter glue (optional)

Safety Tips

  • The hot glue gun should be used under adult supervision.


Step 1 Craft Stick Snowflake craft 1. You will need 3 craft sticks to make a 6-sided snowflake.

*If you don't have craft sticks, you can cut cardboard into 3 strips that are roughly the same size as jumbo craft sticks (6" x ¾").
Step 2 Craft Stick Snowflake craft 2. Glue 2 craft sticks together in the middle so that they form an "X".
Step 3 Craft Stick Snowflake craft 3. Glue the third craft stick horizontally at the center of the first two to complete the shape of a 6-sided snowflake. White glue will take at least an hour to dry. If you prefer a quicker drying time, use a hot glue gun instead, but make sure to do so with adult supervision.
Step 4 Craft Stick Snowflake craft 4. Once the glue is completely dry, paint the entire snowflake with white poster paint, tempera, or acrylic paint. Set the painted snowflake aside to dry.
Step 5 Craft Stick Snowflake craft 5. The easiest way to decorate the snowflake is to glue on some white paper confetti. You can use store-bought ones (white paper confetti or wedding confetti) or make your own.

To create your own confetti, first cut white paper into thin strips.
Step 6 Craft Stick Snowflake craft 6. Hold the paper strips into a bunch and cut them into short pieces.
Step 7 Craft Stick Snowflake craft 7. Apply glue on the entire surface of the craft stick snowflake.
Step 8 Craft Stick Snowflake craft 8. Sprinkle lots of paper confetti onto the glue.
Step 9 Craft Stick Snowflake craft 9. Continue until the entire craft stick snowflake is covered with paper confetti. Allow at least 15 minutes for the glue to set.
Step 10 Craft Stick Snowflake craft 10. Lift the snowflake to remove any loose confetti.
Step 11 Craft Stick Snowflake craft 11. If you intend to hang the snowflake, tape a string at the back.

You can also choose to decorate both sides of the snowflake by repeating Steps 7 to 10 on the other side of the snowflake.
Step 12 Craft Stick Snowflake craft 12. Make several craft stick snowflakes to give any room a wintry look. Stick them on walls and windows or hang them on Christmas trees. You can also string them together into a snowflake garland or hang them freely to make a winter mobile.

More Ideas

Craft stick snowflake decorated with strips of paper Instead of cutting the paper into small confetti, cut them into slightly larger strips (about 1" x ½"). Arrange and glue these strips onto the craft sticks in a somewhat ordered pattern to create a snowflake design.
Craft stick snowflake with buttons Besides decorating the craft sticks with paper, you can come up with a fancy snowflake by gluing on materials such as large buttons, beads, or pompoms.
Sequined craft stick snowflake Make a glittery snowflake by gluing on sequins, glitter stars, or rhinestones. You can also draw sparkly lines and dots with glitter glue.