Fall Leaf Sun Catchers

Decorate your home with these beautiful and easy-to-make fall sun catchers made out of tissue paper and clear transparency film.
Fall Leaf Sun Catchers crafts


  • Tissue paper in fall colors (red, orange, yellow, brown)
  • Letter size or A4 clear transparency film
  • Black permanent marker
  • Scissors
  • White glue or clear school glue
  • Paper clips
  • Double-sided tape

Safety Tips

  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Fall Leaf Sun Catchers 1.

Print out the leaf templates.

Print out any of these leaf templates on A4 or Letter size paper if you wish to have template guides for drawing leaves. Otherwise you can draw your own leaves directly on the clear transparency film in Step 2.
Step 2a Fall Leaf Sun Catchers 2.

Draw leaf shapes on clear transparency film.

Draw your own leaf shapes on A4 or Letter size clear transparency film. If you're using the leaf templates, place a sheet of A4 or Letter size clear transparency film over a page of leaf template. Align them along the edges. Hold the two sheets in place with paper clips.
Step 2b Fall Leaf Sun Catchers Trace the outline of each leaf with a black permanent marker.
Step 2c Fall Leaf Sun Catchers Once you've traced all the leaves, remove the paper clips to check out the leaf outlines on the transparency film.
Step 3 Fall Leaf Sun Catchers 3.

Tear tissue paper into small pieces.

Tear some red, yellow, orange, and brown tissue paper into small pieces.
Step 4a Fall Leaf Sun Catchers 4.

Glue the tissue paper bits onto the leaf shapes.

On the clear transparency film, fill a leaf shape with white glue or clear liquid glue. Spread the glue evenly with your finger or a small spoon. It's okay for the glue to go over the outlines of the leaf.
Step 4b Fall Leaf Sun Catchers Place a few overlapping pieces of tissue onto the area with glue. We prefer a single color of tissue for each leaf shape but you can use multiple colors if you like.
Step 4c Fall Leaf Sun Catchers Smooth down the edges of the tissue pieces with a small spoon or craft stick.
Step 4d Fall Leaf Sun Catchers Continue gluing tissue pieces onto each leaf. Let the glue dry overnight.
Step 5 Fall Leaf Sun Catchers Ask for an adult's help.5.

Cut out the leaves.

Once the glue dries, cut out the leaves. Cutting is much easier if you flip the transparency film so that the smooth side (leaf outlines are much more visible on this side) is facing you.
Step 6 Fall Leaf Sun Catchers 6.

Stick double-sided tape on the leaves.

Cut short strips of double-sided tape. Stick two or more strips on each leaf's smooth side.
Step 7 Fall Leaf Sun Catchers 7.

Use the leaves as sun catchers.

Use the leaves as lovely fall sun catchers. Stick them onto windows and glass doors as beautiful autumn decorations. You can also string them together to make a fall garland or mobile.