Flower Pinwheel

Catch a breeze with this pretty flower-shaped paper pinwheel.
Flower Pinwheel craft


  • Card stock
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil with eraser
  • Push pin
  • Bead (optional)
  • Crayons or markers (optional)


Step 1 Flower Pinwheel craft 1. Print out this flower pinwheel template on A4 or Letter size card stock. To come up with a two-toned flower pinwheel, use different colors of card stock for each page.
Step 2 Flower Pinwheel craft 2. Cut out the template pieces.
Step 3 Flower Pinwheel craft 3. Align the two template pieces such that the blades of the first template are nested between those of the second template. Glue the template pieces together at the center.
Step 4 Flower Pinwheel craft 4. Without creasing the paper, bring each spoke towards the center and glue the end in place.
Step 5 Flower Pinwheel craft 5. Continue until you have glued all spokes at the center. At this point your pinwheel looks pretty much like a six-petal flower.
Step 6 Flower Pinwheel craft 6. Glue the paper circle at the center.
Step 7 Flower Pinwheel craft Ask for an adult's help.7. Carefully insert a push pin at the center of the pinwheel. Wiggle the push pin around to make the hole a bit larger.
Step 8a Flower Pinwheel craft Ask for an adult's help.8. Push the pin onto the eraser of a pencil. Leave a small gap between the paper and the eraser to allow the pinwheel to spin more freely.
Step 8b Flower Pinwheel craft Ask for an adult's help. If you want a longer handle, use a wooden dowel in place of a pencil. Pushing the pin into the wood is a bit hard so make sure an adult does this step. You will need to place a spacer (e.g. bead, button, or small piece of drinking straw) between the paper and dowel to prevent the pin from going through and through the dowel.
Step 9 Flower Pinwheel craft 9. Finally, try blowing at the edges of the pinwheel to make it spin. Loosen the pin a bit if the blades do not rotate well.

These flower pinwheels are great spring and summer projects. Place them on the front porch, in the garden, or wherever it can catch a soft breeze.

More Ideas

Flower pinwheels Single-colored flowers look as pretty as two-toned ones. You can even cut leaves out of paper and glue them onto the dowel to accent the flower pinwheel.

Dowel handles can also be painted or wrapped in fabric ribbon to match the color of the flower.