Okra Stamping

Use okra to stamp flower shapes on paper or fabric. Create lovely floral prints or make a fun spring or garden picture.
Okra Stamping craft


  • Okra
  • Paper or fabric
  • Any water-based paint (e.g. tempera, poster paint, acrylic paint, fabric paint)
  • Palette or small plates
  • Knife and chopping board
  • Paint brush (optional)

Safety Tips

  • Keep the knife out of children's reach.
  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Okra Stamping 1. Gather several okras.
Step 2 Okra Stamping Ask for an adult's help.2. To create your first okra stamp, cut a 1-inch long piece from the top or crown of one okra. Check out the floral pattern on the cut side of your okra stamp.
Step 3 Okra Stamping Ask for an adult's help.3. Create more okra stamps by cutting the rest of the okra into 1-inch long pieces.
Step 4 Okra Stamping 4. Prepare any water-based paint like tempera, poster paint, or acrylic paint. If you are working with fabric, use fabric paint or acrylic paint.

Put different colors of paint into a palette or small plates. Add some water and mix well.
Step 5 Okra Stamping 5. Dip an okra stamp in one color of paint.
Step 6 Okra Stamping 6. Press the stamp onto paper or fabric.
Step 7 Okra Stamping 7. Lift the stamp to see the flower-shaped okra print.
Step 8 Okra Stamping 8. Make more flower prints using different colors of paint. Stamp random flowers to create colorful floral prints on your paper or fabric.
Step 8 Okra Stamping 9. You can also create a bigger flower by stamping several okra prints around a central one.
Step 8 Okra Stamping 10. Paint additional details like stems and leaves using a paint brush, a Q-tip, or your fingers. Floral patterns are great for making your own gift wrap paper or for decorating paper and fabric craft projects such as greeting cards, bookmarks, notebook covers, pencil pots, pillow covers, aprons, and more.
Step 8 Okra Stamping 11. You can also make a pretty spring or garden-themed picture. Check out how the vase on this picture is also made out of okra prints.

More Ideas

Printing branches with long beans Use other vegetables to print other details such as long beans for making the tree branches on this picture.

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Cherry blossom picture using okra and long bean prints Create a lovely cherry blossom tree with lots of white and pink okra prints.