Paper Cherry Blossoms

Create your own cherry blossoms or sakura flowers by folding and cutting paper in a few easy steps. Arrange the flowers on a dried branch for a lovely spring décor.
Paper Cherry Blossoms craft


  • White or pink paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tree branch


Step 1a Paper Cherry Blossoms craft 1.

Choose the paper size.

White or pink US Letter size paper or any square piece of paper can be used to make paper cherry blossoms.

a.) US Letter size - start out with US Letter size paper (8½" x 11") or paper with the same proportions. Cut the paper into four equal sections for larger flowers or 16 equal sections if you prefer smaller flowers. Each section makes one flower.
Step 1b Paper Cherry Blossoms craft   b.) Square - choose smaller square origami paper (4" x 4" or 2 ¾" x 2 ¾"). You can also cut your own square from any rectangular paper by following these easy steps.
Step 2 Paper Cherry Blossoms craft 2.

Make the first fold.

Except for Step 3, the rest of the steps are the same for the paper square and the US Letter size paper.

The first step is to fold the paper up in half.
Step 3a Paper Cherry Blossoms craft 3.

Mark the point "X".

"X" is the point along the paper's left edge that defines the succeeding folds.

a.) US Letter - "X" is the midpoint on the left edge. This can easily be marked by folding the paper in half and creasing the paper lightly at the corners. Unfold.
Step 3b Paper Cherry Blossoms craft b.) Square - "X" is the one-third point from the top of the left edge. You can either estimate the location or measure it with a ruler.
Step 4 Paper Cherry Blossoms craft 4.

Make the second fold.

Fold the bottom right corner up towards "X".
Step 5 Paper Cherry Blossoms craft 5.

Make the third fold.

Fold the bottom left corner over the right edge.
Step 6 Paper Cherry Blossoms craft 6.

Make the fourth fold.

Finally, fold the top right corner over the left edge.
Step 7a Paper Cherry Blossoms craft 7.

Cut an arc.

Cut an arc starting from the right edge going up towards the left. The resulting shape at the bottom is your folded cherry blossom.

The position of the arc defines the size of the flower. The closer it is to the bottom, the smaller the flower will be.
Step 7b Paper Cherry Blossoms craft   For comparison, this is how the folded paper square looks like after doing all the steps above.
Step 8 Paper Cherry Blossoms craft 8.

Cut a slit at the tip.

Cut a diagonal slit at the tip of the shape.
Step 8 Paper Cherry Blossoms craft 9.

Cut a small semi-circle.

Cut a small half-circle or half-oval shape along the paper's longest straight side. Try to keep the cut-out close to the bottom tip of the shape.
Step 10a Paper Cherry Blossoms craft 10.

Unfold the paper.

Carefully unfold the paper to reveal your paper cherry blossom.
Step 10b Paper Cherry Blossoms craft The cherry blossom from the paper square will look exactly the same as if you used US Letter size paper.
Step 11 Paper Cherry Blossoms craft 11.

Arrange the flowers on a branch.

Make several paper cherry blossoms and glue them on a dried branch. These particular flowers were made using US Letter size paper divided into 16 equal sections. The resulting flowers are about 1 ¾" or 4 ½ cm in diameter.