Paper Flower Wreath

Create colorful paper flowers and cut out some paper leaves to make into an easy spring-inspired wreath.
Paper Flower Wreath craft


  • Colored paper
  • Paper plate or cardboard
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Buttons, small pompoms, yarn (optional)

Safety Tips

  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Paper Flower Wreath 1.Ask for an adult's help.

Prepare the frame.

Create the wreath's round frame out of a paper plate or cardboard.
  • Paper plate - cut out a large hole at the center of a paper plate. Widen the hole until the frame is only about 1 to 1½ inches wide.
  • Cardboard - Draw and cut out a large circle from cardboard. Draw a slightly smaller circle at the center and cut it out.
Step 2 Paper Flower Wreath 2.

Attach a string.

Tie a string around the frame. This will allow you to easily hang the wreath.
Step 3a Paper Flower Wreath 3.

Make the leaves.

Make a leaf by folding paper in half and cutting out half-a-leaf shape along the folded edge. Unfold the paper to reveal the leaf.

To make several leaves all at once, layer 3 or more pieces of paper before folding and cutting them out. You will need at least 12 leaves to glue around your wreath.
Step 3b Paper Flower Wreath If you want ready-to-print leaves, download, print, and cut out either of these leaf templates:
  • Flower lei - download the medium-sized flower lei template. Prrint out 2 copies of the leaves on green card stock and 1 copy of the flowers on any colored card stock. Cut out all the pieces.
  • Leaves - print out the oval-shaped leaves (page 2 or 3) on green card stock. Cut out each leaf.
Step 4 Paper Flower Wreath 4.

Make the flowers.

To make the flowers, choose from any of these options:
Step 5a Paper Flower Wreath 5.

Glue the leaves onto the frame.

Glue each leaf in a slanted position onto the frame. Overlap the leaves so that they completely cover the frame.
Step 5b Paper Flower Wreath Each template piece from the flower lei is actually a three-leafed template. Position each piece with one leaf aligned with the frame and the two other leaves pointing outwards. Overlap the pieces so that they cover the frame.
Red Paper Flower Wreath 6.

Glue the flowers on the wreath.

Complete the wreath by gluing on some flowers. You can place flowers of the same color and shape for a uniform look.
Colorful Paper Flower Wreath Or use flowers of varying colors, patterns, and shapes for a festive wreath.