Papier Mache Basket

Create a basket out of papier mache. Use it as an Easter basket or as a decorative basket to hold paper flowers or your other craft creations.
Papier Mache Basket craft


  • Newspapers or paper for recycling
  • Papier mache paste
  • Mold (small bucket, paper bowl or balloon)
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Paint brush
  • Poster paint or acrylic paint
  • Masking tape
  • Glue


Step 1 Papier Mache Basket craft 1. Look around your home for a possible mold that would be a good shape and size for your basket. Here are some suggestions:
  • Paper bowl, plastic bowl, small bucket, plastic container or flower pot.
  • A tall container such as a plastic gallon bottle can also be used. You can always just papier mache around the bottom.
  • An inflated balloon - you can papier mache around the top half of the balloon. (If you choose this option, go directly to Step 3)
Step 2 Papier Mache Basket craft 2. Apply petroleum jelly around the outside surface of your mold. This will make it easier to remove the papier mache from the mold. Another option is to wrap the outside of the mold with plastic wrap.
Step 3 Papier Mache Basket craft 3. Tear newspapers (or any paper that you intend to recycle) into strips. Soak each strip in papier mache paste and lay it on your mold. Smooth down the edges of each strip with your fingers or paint brush. Details on how to papier mache can be found here.

Continue until you have covered the entire mold with papier mache. For a balloon mold, remember to papier mache only around the top half of the balloon.
Step 4 Papier Mache Basket craft 4. Make 4 to 5 layers of papier mache over your mold. Allow your papier mache to dry completely (this will take 2 to 3 days).
Step 5 Papier Mache Basket craft 5. Once dry, gently remove the papier mache from the mold. If using a balloon mold, pop the balloon to remove it from the papier mache.
Step 6 Papier Mache Basket craft 6. Trim the edges of your papier mache. If you made a tall papier mache, you can further trim it down to the desired height.
Step 7 Papier Mache Basket craft 7. Fold a sheet of paper repeatedly along its longer side until you come up with a strip that is sturdy enough to be your basket's handle. For my small basket, I used a sheet of paper around 11 x 5 inches, folded repeatedly into a half-inch wide strip. Glue the edges of the strip in place.
Step 8 Papier Mache Basket craft 8. To curve out or curl the handle, hold one end of the paper strip against a pencil while supporting it firmly with your thumb. Pull the pencil all the way down to the other end.
Step 9 Papier Mache Basket craft 9. Use masking tape to attach the ends of the handle onto the basket.
Step 10 Papier Mache Basket craft 10. Papier mache a layer over the area with masking tape to fix the handle permanently in place.
Step 11 Papier Mache Basket craft 11. Once completely dry, paint your basket with poster paint or acrylic paint.
Step 12 Papier Mache Basket craft 12. You may further decorate your basket if you like. Add a bow, stickers or glue on additional decorations. Fill your basket with Easter eggs, goodies, paper flowers or spring-time blooms.