Pipe Cleaner Snowflake

Create eight-sided snowflake ornaments entirely out of pipe cleaners. Use these lovely snowflakes to decorate your holiday tree or hang them around the house as winter decorations.
Pipe Cleaner Snowflake craft


  • 6 pipe cleaners or chenille stems
  • Scissors

Safety Tips

  • This craft involves cutting and bending pipe cleaners. Children below the age of 9 will need adult help and supervision.


Step 1 Pipe Cleaner Snowflake craft 1. Start out with six pipe cleaners. Trim off any sharp metal tips, if there are any.
Step 2 Pipe Cleaner Snowflake craft 2. Cut a pair of pipe cleaners in half to obtain four 6-inch long pieces. These 4 pieces will be the arms of your eight-sided snowflake.
Step 3 Pipe Cleaner Snowflake craft 3. Cut the next pair of pipe cleaners into sixths to come up with twelve 2-inch long pieces.
Step 4 Pipe Cleaner Snowflake craft 4. Cut the last pair of pipe cleaners into eighths to get sixteen 1.5-inch long pieces.
Step 5 Pipe Cleaner Snowflake craft 5. Assemble your snowflake by first gathering the 4 longest pieces, aligning them on both ends. Tie them together around the middle with one of the 2-inch pipe cleaner pieces.
Step 6 Pipe Cleaner Snowflake craft 6. Spread the snowflake's eight arms so that they are evenly spaced.
Step 7 Pipe Cleaner Snowflake craft 7. To add the details on the snowflake, prepare all sixteen 1.5-inch pieces.
Step 8 Pipe Cleaner Snowflake craft 8. Take one 1.5-inch pipe cleaner piece. Position it in between two snowflake arms, about an inch from the center of the snowflake. Fasten one end onto one snowflake arm and the other end onto the adjacent arm.
Step 9 Pipe Cleaner Snowflake craft 9. Take the second 1.5-inch pipe cleaner. Position it next to the first one. Clip its ends onto the adjacent snowflake arms.
Step 10 Pipe Cleaner Snowflake craft 10. Continue fastening 6 more of the 1.5" pipe cleaners as illustrated in Steps 8 and 9. All eight pipe cleaners will form a ring close to the center of the snowflake.
Step 11 Pipe Cleaner Snowflake craft 11. The remaining eight 1.5-inch pipe cleaner pieces will be positioned close to the tips of the snowflake arms. Take one piece and position it behind one snowflake arm, about an inch from the tip.
Step 12 Pipe Cleaner Snowflake craft 12. Fix the piece in place by first folding the right side up towards the left, then folding the left side up towards the right.
Step 13 Pipe Cleaner Snowflake craft 13. Position the remaining 1.5-inch pieces close to the tips of the snowflake following Steps 11 and 12.
Step 14 Pipe Cleaner Snowflake craft 14. Take eight 2-inch pipe cleaner pieces. Position each piece at the middle of a snowflake arm following Steps 11-13.
Step 15 Pipe Cleaner Snowflake craft 15. Tie a string close to the top of the snowflake. Use the snowflake as a Christmas tree ornament or string several snowflakes together to make a garland. You can also stick them onto windows or glass panels using double-sided tape.

Try making colorful snowflakes using bright-colored pipe cleaners or create sparkly ones with metallic pipe cleaners. You can also go for classic white snowflakes or use cool colors like white, blue, and purple.