Potted Flowers

Make a pot of pretty paper flowers to brighten up a room or to give to a loved one.
Potted Paper Flowers craft


  • Paper flowers
  • Green construction paper
  • Green drinking straws, wooden dowels,
    or unsharpened pencils
  • Paper cup or plastic tub
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • Sand, clay, play dough, or salt dough
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Newspaper

Safety Tips

  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Potted Paper Flowers craft 1. For the pot, start out with a paper cup or plastic tub and a sheet of newspaper. Fold about a quarter page of newspaper several times into a ¾-inch wide strip.
Step 2 Potted Paper Flowers craft 2. Measure this strip around the top edge of the paper cup or plastic tub. Cut out the excess length of paper.
Step 3 Potted Paper Flowers craft 3. Glue the newspaper strip along the top edge of the cup or tub.
Step 4 Potted Paper Flowers craft 4. Paint the pot with your desired color of acrylic paint.
Step 5 Potted Paper Flowers craft 5. To make the flowers, choose from any of these options:
Step 6 Potted Paper Flowers craft 6. As an optional step, you can layer two or more identical flowers to make multi-layered petals for flowers such as daisies or sunflowers. Glue them together at the center.
Step 7 Potted Paper Flowers craft Ask for an adult's help.7. Use the tip of a pencil to carefully punch a hole at the center of each flower.
Step 8 Potted Paper Flowers craft 8. Make stems out of green drinking straws, wooden dowels or unsharpened pencils. Insert one end of a stem through the hole at the center of each flower.
Step 9 Potted Paper Flowers craft 9. Print out any of these leaf templates on green paper or cut out your own leaf shapes from green construction paper. Glue a few leaves on each stem.
Step 10 Potted Paper Flowers craft 10. Fill the pot halfway with sand, clay, play dough, or salt dough. Plant the flowers inside the pot, gently burying the stems deep into the sand or dough.
Step 11 Potted Paper Flowers craft 11. Fill the inside of the pot with more sand, shredded paper, or confetti.
Step 12 Potted Paper Flowers craft 12. Brighten up a room with these potful of lovely flowers. You can also give them as a handmade gift for Mother's day, Valentine's day, or for a loved one's special day.